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Hotfix 18.0.1


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Maybe im just imagin but seems when im playing nexros and use summon minions. after i have no weapon at all on my hands anymore. i have to press F to get weapon. and since im used just to continue shoot after using warframe skill. it usually goes like. i try shoot then i notice no weapon on hands then change. so i lose to extra thingin procres plus hittting F bit time. ps using amprex as primary.

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Got a problem where if I alt+tab my game completely crashes (no not the liset loading black screen crash) anytime during the game if I alt+tab I cannot open up Warframe or even alt+tab back to it the game nor can I force close it cause it does not show up on the task manager, even restarting steam does nothing. I have to restart my comp,I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but I need answers.

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when I try to go back to the quest in the codex it gives me the option to replay cinematic but when i click the button nothing happens. I believe we has a bug, you guys did really good though. The Second Dream makes me want thirds and fourths at this point lol

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After a few hours of frustration and begging a few clanmates to pull themselves away from their questing, I was finally able to get past the freezing portion of the archwing segment in Second Dream. I honestly have no idea why it freezes up like that, even verifying my steam cache files for Warframe did nothing to fix it.


My guess and a friend's guess is the tileset itself, the game is attempting to render far too much whenever you turn your camera on that portion, thus creating a chokepoint for the program. I went back and tested just to make sure it was what I thought it was on another Uranus sharkwing mission, and had the same issue if I was there for just a few minutes too long. The rest of the above-water tilesets for the missions were issue-free.

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..Yeah, were going to need another hotfix for our hotfix'


As you can see in my screenshot (link above) - Somehow,My archwing's weapons were replaced with my Loki Prime's Primary, secondary and Melee weapons' -- Unless this was intentional and Someone merely forgot to inform the rest of us, i feel something in our hotfix Broke the Alert mission involving the "Animal Instinct" mod as a reward. - myself and the two folks involved in said mission had to abort Due to this conflict in functions. -- tho, i will admit to finding it semi-humorus placing Loki clones floating about in space when attempting to use my archwing's first power.- Enemy AI did circle around the clones


Although.. i when i realized couldn't actually damage those enemies that were attacking the floating Loki clone, that's when i decided it was "time to bail!"

Glitchy to the point of difficulty is one thing - Glitchy to the point of every enemy's acting as if they've stolen Mario's power ups -- Yeah, Nope! Not in my warframe! -- Bailing! -- 
      i'm just glad their wasn't the dreaded Blue shell among the craziness'

I hope you give folks a second crack at that alert mission the moment Archwing based Alert missions have been fixed'

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Nicely done, you deserve a good night sleep. :)

However, there are stills ome issues to address.


- One of them that I did not see mentioned anywhere is Charge Attacks.


They still require some work, since they do not work properly: Try to release a charged attack early to see what I mean.

(I tried with a Trinity Prime frame, with Mios.) The frame completely loses stance and does nothing at all but standing straight in a fight.


Not to mention that Mios had a nice combo while holding the melee attack button already - while the weapon is "not in hand" -, now it is replaced with the charge attack completely breaking the fluency of the fight. But this last one is just a personal opinion. :)


- The Market Relay is absolutely beautiful, but without reading the update notes it has the same issue the whole game does lately: There is nothing to indicate what to do - to socceed - at all but to ask around.

Since the changing of the starmap there are very few things to lead a player on missions as well, and the same is true now in this relay too: Socializing is nice but still, in my opinion a game should lead the players by itself.


I watch the stream lately and I know that you plan to experiment with the Relay, I just wanted to point out that it is very much needed.


Its look however is perfect, and the whole U18 was worth the wait, congratulations. :)


Update: i had the chance to play... and it seems the congratualtions were too early. I still command you for your effort however, what you tryied to pull is awesome, it takes gutts to change the whole system completely and go for a completely new and seemingly untested build.


So many little things I could list here: The polarity icons, the extremely darkened scenary on infested wessels, the already mentioned charge attacks which made Mios... ignorable - probably other melee too-, but these are bugs that are understandable and even expectable after an "update" like this.

However I encountered many other features that were working just fine and now they do not. I am even experiencing some issues with the game's performance as well at times, which is scary.


- The most disturbing were the changes in the moving system. Well, it got faster... again... slowly it becomes an Unreal Torunament in 3rd person. But we now can run over on small infested monsters and small enemies? The change was probably intended to avoid being stuck on small objects and edges on the floor - that was a very rare case however -, but now it is worse than it was before.


- The smoke screen inside Liset's belly hopefully will be the last one fixed, it is the least of your problems right now.


(When I said to some of my freinds I play with that the next to months will bee all about fixes, I was joking. Or at least I thought I was. :) )

I am courious how and when will you able to fix all this. You changed too much at once.

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I love the update and such, especially the bigger ship and new quest, but I think that after the first hotfix my sound got disabled, the sound when the play buton got ready was active, but the whole game is silent now for me, it's not that my headphones aren't connect good, or my my audio settings are on 0, there's just not a single sound. Do you think this might be fixed in the next hotfix?

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