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Hotfix 18.0.1

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A list of bugs I know of (The Second Dream spoilers):


Stalker goes into a T pose when entering the void gate


Lower frame rate since Update 18 went live (from 80 solid to 40-50)


Accessories in the Hunhow's Gift bundle do not have the energy it shows in the diorama


Casting 4 Dashwire Arrows and standing on your first placed one then firing a 5th will remove the 1st Dashwire placed, but you will be at the height you were at when casting and you will be stuck in a zipline animation but you may move freely


Clan chat appears during cut scenes in the new quest, which is very annoying and ruins the immersion, as well as minor clipping issues with Lotus' model on the final cut scene


Ivara's custom animation for pulling the arrows from her arm-mounted quiver sometimes does not work, instead you take an arrow from the quiver on your back (also, I don't know if this was intended, but she still has the quiver on her back)


Polarity icons look different (not sure if intended) and sometimes do not show up as the proper polarity, instead it shows a diamond


(Note that these are not all of the bugs, just ones I've encountered since update 18 and have not seen posted in this thread. I am not the only one experiencing these bugs, and there are more from other posts in this thread.)

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Why I can't get the Natah Mission?


You initiate it by scanning the Oculysts that spawn randomly (and more reliably) in Uranus missions. From there the Lotus talks some stuff about her stream going dark and then when you get back to your landing craft you should have a message from the Lotus with the new quest which you can then activate in your Codex (iirc)

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I want to report some bugs:


- In the Codex, in the Second Dream diorama, the back of Lotus' helmet is missing and it looks pretty weird. Picture below




- Also in the Codex, the button for rewatching the Second Dream cinematics doesn't work.


- In Corpus Spy Missions, in the room with the "tower" in the center that has lasers on the way down to the computer, there is this switch in the picture below. It shuts off the lasers at the bottom of the tower, making the entrance accessible. But it's very hard to get into the position to activate it. Standing in front of it doesn't work, you need to be in a very particular position. It always takes me a long time to activate it. Please fix.


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