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Corrupted Fire Rate Mods Have Inconsistent Damage Reduction


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All the corrupted fire rate mods (Vile Acceleration, Frail Momentum and Anemic Agility) say they give +90% fire rate and -15% damage. But the damage reduction varies depending on the weapon. These were the percentages I got by crunching the numbers on a few different weapons (screenshots):


Prisma Grakata: -18.2%

Boltor Prime: -16.4%

Strun Wraith: -16%

Sweeper: -28.6% (nearly twice the posted reduction!)

Sweeper Prime: -20%

Akbronco Prime: -20%


You might think Strun Wraith calculated to be -16% is simply due to rounding. But it's not roughly 16%, it's exactly 16% for all damage types. The base impact damage of 162.5 reduced by 15% and rounded to the first decimal place would be 138.1, while the in-game value is 136.5.


So damage calculations with the posted percentage will be innacurate, including those by the popular Warframe Builder. For example, it calculates Sweeper Prime with Frail Momentum to give 43.35 impact damage (uncheck critical/pellet), while the in-game value is 40.8.


Other weapons I've confirmed to be slightly off are Braton Prime, Burston Prime, Hikou Prime and Kulstar. The damage reduction is applied correctly to some weapons though. Dread, Paris Prime and Vasto Prime had -15%.


There was a similiar post about this about a year ago.

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