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Solo Mode, Pause Menu And Status Effects Exploit

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Now, this is something that can also be a problem during Ceres with lightkning strikes, as the pause menu is not perfect, no far from it. Like if you play solo and is outside during that rainy place where lightning strikes, ususaly when you stand still, the lightning will strike you but the counter that tell the game to strike you, doenst pause, so it applies more and more lightnings on you as time goes on paused.


This was someting i didnt catch fully in the past but i noticed how that status effects are still applies damage to an enemy or you when you pasued the game.

For example, if you apply bleeding to, let us say, a high leveled heavy gunner. Those guys certainly are pretty strong on high end levels, especialy on sorties. However, if you have a high status weapon, let us say, a weapon that does poison or bleeding proc, you go and apply that to an enemy, the pause the game, and play the waiting game.

The enemy will still take damage as the timer on the status has frozen, but not the damage per sec counter, thus, causing the enemy to take damage. Eventualy, you will hear them die as they play their dying sound.



This is a very serious problem for balancing reasons, and needs to be fixed.



PS: If there is a thread about it, or there is a megathread, any moderator or admin may merge this.
Thank you in advance.

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