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Can't go back to 1st pages in inventory after having 40+


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Does the Double Left arrow (<<) that is visible to the left of select not do anything?

Yup, doesnt do anything.

maybe sell some mods o_O ?

I will, already got it down to 30 pages but the bug is still here. I'll probably sell more things tommorow.

Anyway it is a closed beta so I made sure to report it before trying to find ways around it.

It shouldn't be happening in the first place.

It looks like this now:


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Since your last post i think it has not been fixed because as of 6PM GMT-3 i experienced it, the "inventory UI bleeding" through other screens and not going away, had to Alt F4 because i could not hit the X button on the login screen and escape didn't bring the option either.

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