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Hotfix 18.0.4 [Spoilers]


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Hotfix 18.0.4




Prime Vault: Frost Prime


Note: Latron Prime Stock is not included in the Frost Prime drop tables - it is available as a special Alert that will be up from now until January 5th. Everyone can run it once to get their Latron Prime Stock.  


The Prime Vault has Unsealed.  Frost Prime makes a chilling return in the very first cracking of the Prime Vault


Frost Prime, Titan Extractor Prime, Latron Prime, Reaper Prime and the Misa Prime Syandana will all be available for a limited time through our Prime Access Program.  Additionally, the following drops have been made available in the Void for a limited time:


  • Frost Prime Parts
  • Latron Prime Parts
  • Reaper Prime Parts




Sortie Changes


  • 20 Wave Defense Sorties have now been reduced to 15 Waves.
  • Excavation Sorties now require 1200 Cryotic instead of 1500.
  • Enemies will now prioritize killing the Rescue target in Rescue Missions.
  • Sortie Missions will now display a countdown indicating the number of resources required to complete the mission in Defense and Excavation game modes.


Conclave Changes


  • Reduced the effectiveness of Rhino’s Iron Skin in PvP.
  • Reduced the damage of the Snipetron series in PvP.
  • Energy no longer drops on kills, and players will now retain the energy they had prior to death when respawning.
  • Silence weapon Mods have been removed from Conclave End of Mission drop tables.
  • Increased buff/debuff values of health/shields for the Rising Skill, Adept Surge, Calculated Spring and Tempered Bound Conclave Mods.
  • Stagger effects have been removed from offhand Melee attacks in PvP.




  • Removed Navigation and Conclave options from Maroo’s Bazaar.
  • Enemies slain within 5 seconds of spawning will no longer count towards stealth kills.
  • Various Operator customization options have been expanded.
  • Made slight adjustments to the Stalker and Hunhow’s VO FX in the Second Dream.
  • Updated various audio FX that occur during the Second Dream’s cinematics.
  • Players can now use controllers / game pads to navigate the Focus System’s menu.
  • Focus Upgrades will now better display their stat improvements, including duration and range.




  • Fixed our most common crash that would occur when booting up Warframe through Steam with Razer Comms overlay active.
  • Fixed Archwing information displaying in the Warframe’s Equipment category in the Profile stats page.
  • Fixed the Agile Aim Conclave Mod showing 2% as its buff value instead of 20%.
  • Fixed the Gineer Shipyards extraction cinematic displaying default Liset visuals instead of showing the player’s Landing Craft customization.
  • Fixed Oxium Ospreys constantly ragdolling, instead of possibly exploding on occasion.
  • Fixed War’s channeling FX trail originating from an improper location on the blade.
  • Fixed an incorrect texture appearing on rocks in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
  • Fixed a duplicate Follow Through Mod appearing in Teshins Conclave Offerings.
  • Fixed Ivara’s ziplines not always being flush with the walls they end on.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when a zipline is destroyed while players are on it.
  • Fixed Saryn’s Molt displaying as in a t-pose for other players if created away from their view.
  • Fixed several Animation Sets missing their icons in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed improper visual FX playing over Sentinels and Kubrows when hit by Radiation while playing Missions in the second half of The Second Dream.
  • Fixed some areas of Maroo’s Bazaar that would not properly allow players to trade.
  • Fixed Rescue targets constantly running to cover instead of following players to Extraction.
  • Fixed some clipping issues on character models in the Second Dream Codex diorama.
  • Fixed Host Migration not properly resetting teams before Conclave Missions.
  • Fixed End of Mission ‘team has won’ messages not always properly displaying.
  • Fixed players being unable to install the Landing Craft segment.
  • Fixed Equinox’s Mend & Maim visual FX not properly displaying if the player is stealthed while the Ability is active.
  • Fixed Arsenal and Mod screens not appearing properly in Maroo’s Bazaar.
  • Fixed the Coaction Drift Mod not properly increasing Aura strength or effectiveness.
  • Fixed repetitive Transmissions that would occur during the first Mission in The Jordas Verdict.
  • Fixed players getting stuck on the Mod Fusion screen when zooming into a Mod.
  • Fixed the Power Drift Mod not properly increasing knockdown recovery.
  • Fixed automatic weapons automatically ceasing to fire when jumping directly up.
  • Fixed some login rewards missing from the Login 2.0 reward system.
  • Fixed Transmissions in the Jordas Verdict playing on the player’s loading screen instead of during the Mission start.
  • Fixed an error preventing players for receiving their inbox reward for completing the Natah Quest.  Accounts that did not properly receive their reward have been reimbursed with this hotfix.
  • Fixed an error that would occur in Maroo’s Bazaar that would prevent players from being able to Trade after opening their Trade menu.
  • Fixed bonus experience given on the End of Mission screen displaying as ‘#ERROR!’
  • Fixed the End of Mission screen sometimes improperly displaying an unranked Excalibur icon.
  • Fixed some of Ivara’s Ability FX playing too loudly.
  • Fixed players not being properly vented from the ‘button tunnel’ in the first stage of the Jordas Verdict Trial.
  • Fixed some icons in the Market not properly having the correct aspect ratio.
  • Fixed excessive spot loading that would occur as a result of pre-Mission Trial dioramas.  
  • Fixed the final Sortie Mission becoming available for play after the first Mission was completed.
  • Fixed an issue causing Hydroid’s Pilfering Swarm Mod to prevent Defense or Excavation Waves from ending.
  • Fixed the Lotus’ VO at the End of Mission screen not properly playing.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Prism not properly blinding Clients in Conclave.
  • Fixed Chroma’s Effigy not correctly targeting enemy players correctly in Conclave’s Annihilation game mode.
  • Fixed players getting damaged by illusions summoned by Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors in Conclave.
  • Fixed an incorrect description in the Deft Tempo Conclave Mod.
  • Fixed several upgrades in the Focus system that were not scaling up in effectiveness as they should.
  • Fixed the Unairu Focus displaying incorrect Focus gained at the End of Missions screen.
  • Fixed an error that could occur during Operator customization.
  • Fixed an error that would cause the Host’s default language to appear for clients on the Orokin Moon tileset.
  • Fixed fire/ice damage related Lotus Transmissions playing on the Orokin Moon tileset.
  • Fixed Transmissions displaying the name of the Operator, instead of the appropriate NPC.
  • Fixed enemies not spawning with the correct level in the last Mission of The Second Dream Quest.
  • Fixed Madurai and Unairu beam attacks being blocked by pickups and Sentinels as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/572970-marudai-focus-beam-blocked-by-loot-when-using-carrier/
  • Fixed Focus Abilities not having a proper keybind on the Steam Controller.
  • Fixed the Zenurik’s energy bubble visual FX not being visible to Clients.
  • Fixed the Unairu`s Focus Ability displaying a `flamethrower`type effect, where there should be none.
  • Fixed the Unairu’s Medusa Touch description not clearly stating that enemy melee attacks will cause them to become petrified.
  • Fixed the Lasting Judgement option text in the Unairu Focus tree appearing off screen when highlighted.
  • Fixed various localization issues.


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