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Hotfix 18.0.4 [Spoilers]


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1. Where did the Scorn Lacera Skin go?

It is in the U18 list, but not in the game.

2. Had anyone tested Scimitar support perk before shipping it?

Right now it is as lethal or useful as fireworks. Seriously once in 10 minutes you can shoot some mob for like 1k DMG and only if you directly point at one? AOE is less than 3m wide. My SEER is 4 times more lethal than that.

3. Why do you ninja-nerfed Volt’s 1st ability.

More Nerf for the Nerf God? Scott woke up on the wrong side of the bed… again?

4. Would you kindly stop beating around the bush and give us Excalibur Umbra already?

For three months you promised people one by the end of the year and then went all “F*** it, we don’t feel like it yet”.

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I'm having major FPS drops since U18 dropped. I used to with my standards settings get pretty solid framerates but now I'm often dropping down to under 20 FPS and for a while on the sortie on Ceres a was running at around 15 FPS Is there some major optimization issue that came up with this update?

  There seems to be some audio glitch, and it is tied to map locations (maybe it was supposed to be an echo effect).

Sometimes in hallways and halls audio starts deteriorating, soma sounds like gravel in an electric coffee grinder and FPS drops 20 frames.

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The Prime vaults, although good for those who didn't get these items when they first came out, are kind of redundant to those of us who already have everything except for the cosmetics.

I feel it would be a better idea to offer two package deals one for the items and one for the accesories. This allows people, like Prime access, to just get the accessory package and skip the things they don't want/need.

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I wish the Syadana, portraits, and extractor could be in their own side bundle. q_q I want them, but I already have the frame and weapons so it feels like a massive hit to pay 60 bucks just to sell the frame and weapons for credits. >_<

Same >_>

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