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Gorgon, Mods, and Bugs.


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Hello fellow Tennos

Today, I bring grave news. The Gorgon... has met its match.

Exhibit A: Firing Rate Mod, 49%.

Exhibit B: Rank 30 Gorgon

Exhibit C: Latency

The Gorgon, the apex boss predator, has been brought low by the machinations of Lag, and a Firing Rate Mod.

Simply put the Gun fires TOO fast for Host Lag to keep up with it, while expending ammo.

I have tested this on Jackal, Hyena, Golem, and Van Dek.

I will spit out ammo like I have factory on my back, and I only see one damage number pop up once every 20 or so rounds. I wasn't shooting into an ally, nor was I missing, I prefer to sit on the bosses with this thing.

One last thing before I go: Gorgon can only carry 999 rounds in reserve, wasn’t sure if it was a bug or intended (Most likely intended, but when you got Clip Size, Ammo Max and Firing Rate, you can always use more XD

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