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Hotfix 18.0.7 [Spoilers!]

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Two years DE.....two years: 

==Fixed the Stalker appearing in the Shadow Stalker’s Codex Diorama entry. == BUT IT WAS already  fixed in 18.0.6 XD    So many times ii saw that. So many visual bugs but no fixes - loki immortal skin, operator colors changes with all warframes, many of holes in locations was not closed ETC..... 

I do not write error on the forum, because 95% of them have not been solved, and the others have described all the other participants.

So sad.

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"Adjusted NPC spawning to ensure that enemies no longer spawn in places where enemies had just recently died."

We knew it was comming. I find it sad though that it requires affinity gain cheese for them to fix it.

Instead of the countles feedback from stealth mission fans, saying that enemy spawns break stealth gameplay.

Not saying DE doesn't listen to players, but this one is realy sad.


You can still most likely get exterminate enemies all in the same spot, you'll just need to move around more when at the end of an exterminate mission.


Assuming you kill no one until the very end, where loads spawn, it'll still work.

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Don't know if anyone else is experiencing stuttering after the hotfix wen before it worked fine, but in case you do, changing the graphics option to lower then exit then back up as they were and also the aspect ration to the correct one instead the auto option did fix my problem.... anyway it may be a obvious solution but it may save someone's time...so ya... take care people

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I saw a video last night about a simple way of getting Focus, since it's so slow otherwise. Can't wait to try it out today!


>Adjusted NPC spawning to ensure that enemies no longer spawn in places where enemies had just recently died.

... oh.

almost 1 year i have bought my mortos syandana and still dont shows on inventory just on market taged as Owned...


It's under Auxiliary now, so you can use the Mortos and another syandana at the same time.

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We Still Need:


A/B/C Tabs for our Operators,like what we have for Warframes/Weapons/Pet/Etc? its above when you pick appearance?,


This is so we can save one look for our Operators, and then pick another to test them out, without losing the work or forgetting how our default looked like?.



Also Still No Fix For:


Could we PLEASE get focus from shared affinity? The public missions are turning into fights over kills. And that can turn pretty ugly pretty fast. Basically promoting this sort of selfish gameplay damages the community spirit and causes people to not co-operate anymore, but run off to compete over getting most kills.


Also the fact that support frames are pretty much screwed with this Focus system because their abilities do not generate many kills. This will lead into everyone starting to play an AOE nuke-frame to blow up everything to maximize the number of kills and focus gained.


The other "optimal method" is to play solo stealth missions with an invis frame and getting stealth kill combos (which you just broke).


So please, think of the community when you continue developing the focus system.

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