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Devstream #65 Overview


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Before 2015 Ends

• Nezha is releasing next week on PC

• Loki Deluxe Skin coming before the end of the year

• This coming Mon-day the first winners of the Polycount Contest will be announced, still Steam only for now

• Working feverishly on getting the console build of U18 sent to cert; planning on submitting it to-day

• Xmas decorations are coming - Xmas events as well



Going Into 2016

• Kavats are now slated for U19

•  Chat revamp is slated for U19

• Banshee and Trinity Deluxe Skins will release 2016

• Console Migration offered again early 2016, hopefully

• The elements that The Second Dream introduces will be explored in future updates

• Quest replayability is definitely something the devs want to implement

• The 'Second Dream Theme' music played during the Quest is not the entire piece - the rest is being saved for 2016

• Future Quests will definitely feature cinematics

• Soundtrack planned for release in 2016

• Next Prime Warframe is (all but) confirmed to be Saryn Prime

• Click
to listen to a (slightly) extended version of the Second Dream music


Tenno Rapier

• Ideally it would release 2015, but likely will be 2016

• Puncture-based damage

• Click
to see some animations



Thrown Weapons/Redeemer Charge Attacks

• Thrown Weapons and Redeemer's Charge Attack are bugged now, it shouldn't be so slow

• There is a fix coming, but it turned out to be a deeper problem than they thought


Other Stuff

• There is a PC performance issue acknowledged due to VOIP, a coming hotfix should address

• Atlas and Equinox Augments are being worked on now

• Ivara is receiving an alt helmet soon




  • Shared XP will accrue Focus Points in a coming update
  • There may be a one time re-spec offered, feel free to experiment now

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I'd love to know what happened to the "Year of Quality".


Somewhat suspicious not to mention the topic during the last stream of the year.

What's to be discussed on it? It was just a term implying that they were going to give us a year with quality content. And they did(for the most part at least).

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Mostly just a sendoff - although the news about Nezha is good, and I was really surprised to see the Loki skin, since they've never even mentioned it before.

They showed a sketch of it at the NYC panel, there is also one for Banshee. While I love my Loki the skin doesn't impress me, may be its the colors idk.

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What I'd want for the Tenno Rapier is a move in its stance where you do several fast thrusts and finish off with a final, powerful stab. Kinda like Ricard's Rapier from Dark Souls.


Honestly what I'm most excited for with the rapier is that it appeared to have a new idle stand animation. I get pretty tired of all the weapons having that same boring 'Superman' standing-straight-up pose. This looks a lot better.


Plus, I always deliberated with Warframe thematically fit the rapier most - I think Ivara now takes the cake with a feathered cap!

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