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Interaction in levels


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I am not sure what is and isn't possible with the man hours you have, but I think it would be really cool if there was more environment interaction.

There is already a lot, and it is great, but adding a bit of diversity to the interaction might go a long way to keep people coming back again and again.

I really like it when I am locked out and have to hack a door because some grunt got to the security panel. It would be cool if you could shoot the panel and destroy it preventing the grunt from alerting or locking you out. You could still hack a broken console if you had to, but the mini game would be more like a repair broken the wiring hack, kind of like jump starting a car or w/e.

Also more enemies with ranged aoe damage effects would keep the player moving a bit more. More things to dodge, like walls of plasma or something would add to the interactivity as well. Having a slow moving enemy that you have to kite around the room while you take on the regular grunts would be fun. I really like having to kill the Corpus UAVs first because the give shields to the walkers and crewmen. It is a step beyond just running and gunning everything, which is exactly what I am talking about, I just want more of it lol. There is already so much potential to create different strategy’s to take down enemies of varying strengths and weaknesses. All I am saying I guess is more more more lol.

I like the block of map with the bridge in the middle and the 4 elevators. This map section might be a little buggy, or it might be exactly how you want it to be, either way you can have a lot of fun with it. You can jump from the middle bridge rail to the bottom of the other side if you time your jump right. Every time I land this jump I feel like the ultimate bad &#! version of myself. Maybe you could work in a map block where you have to jump down something or I don't know... I just want to feel like a bad &#! space ninja some more and the cool jumping areas help that lol.

I am not sure if you were planning on doing fully infected ships, but seeing a tenno slide down a flesh wall using a blade to slow him down would be awesome lol. (Like the Prince of Persia slides down drapes cutting the drape to slow him down.)

This game is really fun already and I am sure a lot of good things are coming down the pipes, but I figured I would rant on a bit about stuff I would like to see anyway. Thanks for reading, Have a good one!


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Why is my post so dark lol...

It defaulted to #222222 colour for some reason, fixed it :)

Did you copy and paste something? Sometime that changes the font on the WYSIWYG editor.

It's an easy fix, just press edit and remove the BBcode like you did. the WYSIWYG is silly

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