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Melee Combos With Down Key Make You Backwards

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The combos implying the "Down" key makes the Warframe go backwards, which causes the strikes to largely miss. This issue appeared with U18. It breaks the flow of melee combat and the combo counter. It would be cool this to get fixed, I can't use some awesome combos anymore (RIP Crimson Dervish, Tempo Royale,... :'( )...

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I can confirm that.

Ive also done some testing with tempo royal:

if you just do the backward combo (auto targetting off, meele in view direction on) you wont walk backwards(at least not noticable), but stay in place instead of doing the usual step forward.

You will only "moonwalk" backwards when sprint is toggled.

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This is horrifyingly noticeable with the Snapdragon stance. I can be in a full on sprint backwards while swinging around the whip end.


The "fix" for this is to just press backwards during only the attack that requires it instead of doing it the easy way.

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