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Charge Attacks Buff.

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I tested today Melee Charge attacks damage.
And it do 4x (400%) damage than standard fast swing attack. It sounds good right?
Actually no.

With fast attacks you can get COMBO MULTIPLIERS which means more damage.  1,5x ,  2,0x,  2,5x  etc.
And many stances deals more damage in their combos like. 200% damage, 300% damage, 150% damage.
And that is a problem.

If you start to charge, before you hit the target, you combo multiplier ends.

So at the end, those charge attacks are preety useless.

I prefer to boost charge attack damage to 8x-10x (800%-1000%).

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Yeah, they look like meaty hits, but end up doing piss poor damage in the long run. It would also be neat if melee weapons had added effects when you charge attack, like... I wish my War did this. 




IDK about you guys, but I feel like charge attacks would be alot less bland if they did have some extra effects.

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