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Still no fix for:

1.U18: Certain Eximus are completely immune to certain damage types.

2.Solo mission ending and cut scene countdown became un-skipable again.

3.Extremely Abnormal Skill Damage (And Messed Up Body Part Multiplier)

4.Ash Prime Textures, Mesh & Animation Bugs

5.Excalibur's Javelin Stuns Enemy But No Damage

6.Finisher Attacks Not Bypass Shield

7.The Ninkondi's first attack when used in quick melee does not register as a hit, dealing no damage.
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Kudos again for the skins DE but pretty please with some holiday Trinity blessings can we have the decor for the dojo's back too?


Pretty Pretty Please i beg of the to all at DE don't let our dojo's go without a glorious Tenno spirit spruce up this holiday. 

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  • Fixed the Nart Deer and Nistlebrush Gene-Masking Kit not giving festive Kubrow fur colors. (*Please note that we’ve launched a script to give players the festive Kubrow fur colors that didn’t receive them from purchasing the Gene-Masking Kits.)

Thanks a lot for the fix! It'd been a real shame if people that missed out on it last year couldn't get the colors this year, since there are some good ones in there.

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Don't know what was that about exterminate spawns, but it is broken. I spent 20 minutes (because of the absurdly low spawn rate in rooms) in an invasion ending with 220/240 enemies killed and mobs simply stopped spawning. I waited 5 more minutes, roaming the place from time to time, still nope, had to abort the mission.


I used to go on invasions solo playing and spy stealth to slowly max out weapons, but both are broken now... I suppose you want all of us to go Draco, which ain't fun... I don't want to grind draco every time I need xp... And we better pray you don't "viver" it down too.


Honestly, playing every day for hours, some decisions taken lately are bad... being overpriced recolors of an existing syandana for christmas, no christmas decorations in the dojo like last year, stealth mechanics (It's not stealth's fault if focus gain mechanic is broken, please fix it back, it's horribly annoying to reset the multiplier five times per minutes), sortie rewards not being unique/day/season, nezah in sortie (seriously put him in the dojo for 35 nitain in research or whatever and free space in the reward table), charge attacks not scaling (properly?) with attack speed, and the focus "press 5 to ignore your entire loadout and stop being a ninja" thing...


I hate to camplain when I love this game more than any other, but these kind of decisions harm the gameplay and upset the community. Not whiny like when research costs are high or when Ivara is hard to get, but really upset. It is not about getting what I want or what the community want, I just had to point out some really bad things... Iike you want to take out the fun for a more tedious and unrewarding experience. New unlootable melee stances on manics/comba/sentients which the vast majority of players won't ever get are a good example (What % of players possesses a stance for the Mios ? Which is the only stance avaible for it. Considering it drops from a common mob... And with the new charge attack, it isn't playable/enoyable without it).


I mean... Just... Why ? It's choices that I don't get ! Hush still doesn't audibly silence the weapon, but stealth gameplay gets broken without warning. I don't get that kind of choices at all.


Still love you all... Year of quality ends on a wrong note for me, even after a beautiful second dream... Hope you fix the game soon.

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Ikea Christmas, so we'll have dojo decorations later I guess x)

Btw it's kinda rude to see people saying every patch "X is bugged, Y needs a fix" with no answer and no fix... Before creating new bugs why not fixing those bugs that are here for month/years ?

If you need salt I can buy you some, don't need to extract it from players ^^

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Excuse me but new enemies have appeared...unrelated to any events. And my Tenno had a VERY weird reaction to a headshot knocking off a helmet of said Enemy. Its Corpus...


No questline for a pretty damn big plot item if that transmission is true...


Was this intended? If so Will there be something to come concerning the new enemies? (i've encountered 4 types so far...) 

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