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Karak Blueprint/crafting Credit Cost Reduction


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Good evening (morning? afternoon? I guess it kind of depends on when you're reading this) fellow Tenno.


I know most of you are here simply because you saw the work "Karak" and had to see what the crazy guy was talking about.


Anyway, as mentioned in the title, this specific bit of feedback pertains to the credit cost of the Karak rifle. Both the cost of the blueprint, and the cost of crafting it sit at 30,000 credits, resulting in a requirement of 60,000 credits to craft it. This is one of the weapons I personally like to recommend to new players who ask about what weapon to get next, as it is a reasonably good upgrade to both the Mk. 1 Braton, as well as the Braton itself, has a low mastery rank requirement at 2, and that it requires low quantities of resources, all of which can be obtained from the first few planets. The only issue is that, as mentioned earlier, it costs 60,000 credits to craft, which, to a new player getting 1,000-2,000 credits a mission, is an expensive investment. Comparatively speaking, hee Boltor , which requires the same mastery rank, has a similar total damage, and similar crafting requirements (pretty much trades less salvage required for more polymer), only costs 40,000 total (15,000 blueprint cost, 25,000 crafting cost). The lower price on the blueprint is more likely to draw a new player's attention, and the overall credit cost isn't as likely to leave them completely broke. The trend of 40,000 credits total crafting cost is found in a number of other low level rifles (Burston, Latron, etc.), all of which also have lower crafting requirements.


Thank you for reading.


tl;dr: karak is too expensive, decrease credit cost.

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Well this is a uh... New request.


60k credits isn't really expensive mind you, even for new players.


While certainly, it isn't an arm and a leg, 60k credits is quite the investment for a player looking at their first new weapon or two. I remember (waaaaaaaay back in update 10) agonizing over whether the Lex was going to be worth the whopping 50k credits that I'd be spending on it. One of my primary issues with the 60k credit cost on the Karak is that it fills the same role as a few other weapons (as in, low resource cost, resources can be obtained on early planets, 25-30 total damage), all of which, according to the wiki at least, share the 40k total credit cost. 


And yeah, like I said in my second line, I figure most people who click on this post do so because when they saw the title they got a complete "what the-" feeling, and just had to check it out.


The part that hurts the most are 2 neurodes because neurodes are a pain in the butt to farm. Since I started playing I ever only found 2 and bought 1 for platinum (to build the karak)


SFTT.Lightning, judging by what you've said, you're rather new to the game. While certainly, rare resources can be a royal pain to farm at times (neurodes being one of them, unless you head over to ODD), I would recommend that you don't spend your platinum on them. If you're having difficulty farming up neurodes, you may wish to pair it up with an additional task. One that comes to mind would be the Howl of the Kubrow quest which is the quest which you need to complete to get a kubrow. One of the tasks involved in it is destroying kubrow dens on Earth. Now then, unless they've changed it since I did said quest, you're looking at having to complete quite a few runs before RNG is likely to smile upon you. While this would be less efficient than running something such as a defence or extraction, it may be more in line with the capabilities of your warframe and weapons (that is, assuming I am correct about you being new to the game).

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On 2022-12-02 at 6:52 PM, emogothgirlfriend said:

where do i find the blueprint?

Just a heads up, it's a good habit to look at post dates, you necro'd a near 7 years dead topic :P

(Also your question is kind of in the wrong section, this is Feedback, something like Players Helping Players would've been more fitting.)

Anyway, it's simply in the Market, like many other weapons / their Blueprints, which you can then craft in your Foundry.

Join a Clan and you not least get access to even more weapons and other gear to craft, from Clan Research.

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