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(Tomplexthis) Type Zero: Revisited Time Warframe {NOW WITH ART!}


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(Tomplexthis) The Temporal Warframe


I've just been thinking for awhile to come back to this, theres plenty of time warframes out there

But i just wanted to redo mine, the whole concept of time built into the frame's design as well

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------{Art Concept}



Design Wise, Tom has 5 Dials that Showcase Metronome's Current time state

1 On each of his hands, Fingerless Gloves with a Dial on the top center

Underneath would be energy cores like Iron Man, with Dust energy particles coming from his finger tips


His feet have iron like boots, with dials around his ankles as well, showing metronomes state

shoes like an engineer time lords sort of thing, with dust energy oozing from his feet's soles


On Toms back would be a major big Dial that would be visible at all times

This is a passive way to display his Metronome state without having a huge Ui change


For his head it would be a Top hate with goggles on it, akin to Sabo From One piece

He has Firery glowing eyes, that sit just under the rim of the hat, and he appears to have a evil maniacal grin

But his movement is a dorky quirky nature, as he just enjoys messing with people and having a good time

While Warframes dont make any real noise, in idle animations it is apparent that he is giggling and laughing

Sometimes seen covering his mouth while trying to hide a smile and giggles


He has a shirt sort of thing, with an over hanging cloth vest over that, like a limbo sort of but shorter

Like wearing a striped shirt, with a longer vest over top that trails behind him, this vest is what the dial would sit on, on his back


As he moves, he leaves behind golden dust like particles of energy, and its almost like the sands of time following him

But its more sparkly like Gold and twinkles like stars then fades off


He wears pants that seem like metallic Jeans, cloth that is like metal, like hes just some casual dude


If anything he would have cat like features as well

With Claws on his fingers, A cats tail, Cat ears, and cat's eyes

Half man and Half Cat, True Tomplexthis


Head/Shirt, Shoes and Hands ART Included in the 3 Pictures Below

Head, Signature Tears Added T T   {Tomplexthis, After the world ended tears of fire burned and scared his face}



Energy pools out from the soles of his feet, Time Dust



Finger less Gloves with cat claws, hand dials on top, and fusion energy cores under neath, portals of void like energy/Time particles and time dust




And Now Pants xO, A cats tail made up of Black time dust energy, and pockets of time dust confetti 




Fantastical Greatness Art xB


The dials play into his first passive, Metronome

Every 30 seconds Tom switches forms, Tick and Tock

Tick is a Support based form with 4 support like powers

Tock is a Damage based form with 4 damage like powers


as the 30 seconds goes by the dials change colors like a clock, or something

But Metronome is just his first passive that is his main prowess


Tom's 2nd Passive is Displacement

 Upon being hit by any source of damage there is a 5% chance this passive will activate

If it activates, Tom flickers and becomes see through for 3 seconds

During this time he takes no damage and can walk through enemies



Stats wise he is a power based tank build, for health not armor


Health: 150 (450 at rank 30)
Power: 125 (225 at rank 30)
Armor: 15
Shield Capacity: 75 (200 at rank 30)
Sprint Speed: 1.10
Conclave: 130
Polarities: 1 Madurai (V) and 1 Vazarin (D)
Aura Polarity: 1 Vazarin (D)



Powers, Tick is Support like, Tock is Damage like

But his main trick is time manipulation on enemies and allies

His focus is Temporal Aging Procs, Which reduce armor - deal damage over time - and slow enemies

Or on allies heals over time, increases movement/attackspeed, and buffs armor

Temporal Aging stacks per tic for 100% stack, the max time depends on stacks 1 - 3 

The upside is that the proc stacks on both allies and enemies

Enemy Stacks (damage per second, armor reduction, and a slow to movement/attack speeds)

1: 2% Max hp dps - 30% Armor Reduce - 33% Slow - 6 Second Duration (Unmodable)

2: 3% Max hp dps - 40% Armor Reduce - 55% Slow - 8 Second Duration (Unmodable)

3: 4% Max hp dps - 50% Armor Reduce - 66% Slow - 10 Second Duration (Unmodable)

*If an Enemy dies while dusted, they fade into the air and turn into more dust, enemies that walk through this get a Dust proc

*This left behind dust lasts only 4 seconds before it fizzles and fades away

Ally Stacks (heals per second, bonus armor, and increase to all speeds, Reload/Cast/Movement/Melee Attack/Fire Rates)
1: 3% Max hp Hps - 20% Armor Buff - +10% Speed - 10 Second Duration (Unmodable)
2: 4% Max hp Hps - 20% Armor Buff - +10% Speed - 15 Second Duration (Unmodable)
3: 5% Max hp Hps - 30% Armor Buff - +15% Speed - 18 Second Duration (Unmodable)


Stacks can be added by targeting allies or enemies with Toms powers

He himself is unaffected by this though, depends on his form

Tick targets teammates, Tock targets enemies

He can recast his powers to continuously stack onto his teammates Proc buffs, or enemies


Power 1: Ray and Dust 25Energy


While in Tick form, Tom fires a golden laser towards his nearby allies 

It has an auto lock on like Trinity's Link, a laser than instantly connects to any nearby allies

This adds +1 Aging Proc to any allies it effects, it can connect with up to 3 nearby allies at a time/per use

Its affected by range mods only, as the proc is stated above already

Base range of 12m - 15m - 18m - 20m 

{Ray gets a combo energy reduction on multiple casts to allies up to 4x reduction for 4 second max}


While in Tock form, Tom fires out 3 seeker golden dust particles

These search and hit enemies like Nyx's Psychic Bolts

Enemies struck by the dust suffer aging procs +1 stack

When the dust hits an enemy Tom recovers +3 energy


The casting animation and cast time for this power is really fast

This allows him to dust an entire field quickly, or buff his team quickly


Power 2: Rewind and Fast Forward 50Energy (Rewind recast is free) 


Casting Rewind Will place a dopple, and put tom in Tick form till he recasts it

Casting Fast Forward will generate an aura, and put tom in Tock form till he recasts it

It costs 50 energy to place dopple/Turn on aura, but the recast is free for both

*This gives a better control of his passive Metronome



*While in Tick form, Tom Summons a dopple

While this dopple is out Metronome stops in its tracks

He can move around freely, just Tick/Tock Metronome timer stops, and he will stay in Tick form


When Tom recasts Rewind he will teleport back to the dopple and Metronome starts again

Whatever Toms Health and Shields was at when he first cast rewind will be returned to him upon recast

So if he has 300 Health and Shields when casting Rewind, he takes damage goes to about 30hp/shields

Uses Rewind, and it teleports him back to his dopple, with his 300 health and shields

I mainly came up with this for fun quick exits on spy mission rooms

It Basically creates a save state at that location, and stops Tick/Tock counter

It only saves your Health and Shield amounts, Not ammo or energy


If Tom dies with a dopple up, he will revive at its locations with only 10% of his health

IT however has a auto revive cooldown of 60 seconds



While in Tock form, Tom casts a AOE aura effect to all nearby allies and enemies 

This aura has a different affect for both sides, enemies and allies

Casting stops the Metronome timer, and he stays in Tock form, recasting starts it again and turns off the aura


Enemies take faster proc Damage over time at a 100% faster rate

Like if they were taking Aging proc damage, the dps over time doubles, 

This works with any dps procs, speeding up the DPS over time on any proc damages

This works great in a team with Saryn, or Ember/Heat Burns


Allies however, they just get a regenerative proc buff

This stacks with Energy siphon and Rejuvenation increasing their regen speeds by 100%

Or Temporal agings heal over time as well, increasing its speed by 100%

This is a Constant AOE aura that effects all Enemies and Allies in its range 

Base range of 18m - 22m - 25m - 30m (modifiable)

*It is an aura ability that lasts while still in Tock Form, Recasting Will turn off the Aura and start the Metronome timer again


Fast Forward now not only boosts the dps/hps over time on procs

But now also boosts the dust stacks speed increases/decreases by 25%


Power 3: Hop and Pop 50Energy


While in Tick form, Tom creates a bubble around himself and teleports to targeted location

Any allies next to him will be ported with him, they will have 33% of their health and shields restored as well

On landing on the location enemies will be knocked down and receive 3 aging proc stacks

Its a small bubble around Tom of about 6m - 6m - 8m - 10m (Unmodifiable), with the same equal proc range

It has a reach base teleport range of 40m - 50m - 60m - 70m (Modifiable)

The smaller range is for ally porting and enemy proc'ing

The bigger range is its teleport reach


While in Tock form, Tom explodes all Aging procs on allies and enemies

Allies lose their proc, but regain 30% lost health and shields and 15% of their max energy + 5% per proc stack

Enemies take 100 - 125 - 125 - 150 damage per stack on them and are knocked down + -2% base hp per stack

Pop just pops their procs and activates a secondary gift for the temporal aging procs

The explosion damage can be modified by power strength mods



Power 4: Distortion and Erase 100Energy



While in Tick form, Tom pulses the entire map, all enemies in the whole map

They are all frozen in place for a duration and cannot move but still be killed

Enemies frozen have a increased loot drop chance and reduced armor

This is tied into Metronome as well as a short duration, if tick goes to tock, they will unfreeze

kind of a interesting tactic to use Rewind first, then distortion to stay Tick to Freeze enemies more

Loot Drop Chance: 40% - 50% - 60% - 70% (Unmodifiable)

Stasis Pulse Range: 25m - 30m - 35m - 40m (Modifiable)

Stasis Duration: 8s - 10s - 12s - 16s (Modifiable)



While in Tock form, Tom fires out a huge storm of Dust particles

Tom will summon about 12 - 15 - 18 - 21 Dust bolts that seek out enemies

These are empowered versions of Dust that instead give 3 full stacks of Aging on enemies

Enemies hit by these Dust particles have a 50% chance to be knocked down on impact

Dust Range: 25m - 30m - 35m - 40m (Modifiable)




Tell Me what you think, i really love this slightly altered version, Type Zero FTW XO

Heres my original version: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/527051-tomplexthis-the-temporal-warframe/#entry5932439

It gives you a higher sense of understanding his powers maybe

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1 hour ago, swizzybeatzjamz said:

I like your frame seems interesting considering my frame can change from offense to support.  I like it, it would be like having 2 frames at once.

i just feel it would make more sense to Call Flux {Metronome}

As it ticks and tocks back and forth

The jist behind it, is Rewind

When you place a dopple, it stops Flux so you can stay in support form

Reactivating it will start flux again though,

While the damage form would generally be 30 seconds, unless fast forward had a similar feature

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Yup i made some art for him

If only i had the pro skills, but iam to dorky

That Handwriting though, it is perfection, Mag-Ne-'Fic


honest Tomplexthis would be perfect if he had my personality

Throwing confetti from his pockets when bored

And laughing at the enemies as they turn to dust, if dust kills an enemy they turn to dust, that would be funny

he just bends over, slaps his leg, and laughs and points at enemies dying


Covering his mouth to hide smiles and giggles

Scratches his head from time to time, confused if you get lost


Generally psychotic humour maybe

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the only way to make him more like me is to give him a black cat

One that sits on his shoulder or something

cause i walk around with my cat as an accessory, she just chills on my shoulders, its funny


Small black cat made of dust that follows him around

Tomplexthis acts like a cat, and has a cat, maybe cat like ears

So hes like Half cat, Half time lord, half weirdo with a cat sleeping on his shoulder


He fights enemies while a cat chills on his shoulder, that'd be weird to see

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i think my art gave me nightmares

i was like dreaming about stuff

Serious stuff

Like stuff that is that kind of stuff you put in a turkey and call it stuffing, but then its not stuff then is it, or maybe it is, i forget, ???


but then out of nowhere the dream called to me


I was dreaming of playing Perfect Dark, it was interesting

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