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[Alt Helmet] Nekros - Lazarus (Now For Sale in Steam Workshop)

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I did the low poly, baked all my maps, started my tintmask today. I guess that's not too bad for one day.






Colors are approximated from Nekros' defaults. Trying to sneak in some Immortal Skin flourishes here and there. I didn't finish the arm that connects the Mortos to the helmet yet and I have no textures for the Mortos so they're pure white here. Still fiddling with roughness and metalness masks, they act differently in every program I'm using.


If you guys have suggestions for tintmask tweaks, feel free to toss'em my way. 


Will continue tweaking things tomorrow, hopefully I'll have a finished Workshop candidate by the end of the day. Cheers!

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While I don't feel that the angular, metal chunks that the majority of the helmet consist of really suit Nekros' aesthetic, both to the body and his previous helmets, I will say you did an outstanding job on the actual materials used within it. Good job.

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A few changes to the tech areas to bring in more Nekros-style organic forms:


I don't find these necessary but yeah, they did good to the helmet. Good job! =)


Can't wait to finally get it.

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What is interresting to me is how much this transforms Nekros into a hard and high-tech look.

I have seen some really good ideas in tennogen before, but they don't do such drastic changes as this does.

I so wish we had some mentor-like feedback in here from time to time, I have given up trying to figure out what they like over at DE.

You did real good.

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The following are just fine-detail suggestions to make the helmet look more organic and color balanced.


The contour of the mask-wings/mask-wings ridge seems noticeably choppy. It's not something you would see unless you're looking for it, but because you're trying to add more organic features, smoothing the ridge/mask contour would help in a subtle way. To be specific, I mean the thin surface that forms the top of the mask on both side of the helmet (it's a ridge). In fact, the choppiness is visible on the side of the mask-wings as well.


Another thing to consider is removing the metal texture from the mask entirely. None of Nekros' current helmets or the Warframe as a whole have metallic textures. The metallic bits make it look needlessly mechanical. The helmet already has very mechanical details/geometry. The metallic bits make it look even more so.


Also, I suggest playing around with the color balance a bit more. To use the default Nekros colors: the helmet has a hug amount of dark blue, which is cool, but perhaps too much. I suggest adding more of the creamy grey (the color on his neck). If you decide to remove the metallic textures I suggest you replace them with the grey color as well.

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