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New Warframes Schematics For Optional Styles (Suggestion).


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Maybe add some crafting for not only weapon and helmet skins but add some other unique skins for the warframes.

Possibly, adding a system to choose like hand guards, boots, chest piece and other items to more customize your warframe to be unique to the player. 


I mean, coloring is fun and all but warframes can show off what they accomplish by finding these unique sets/pieces.


As well as giving certain item pieces and/or sets some stats for further enhance gameplay. Nothing dramatic, even just a slight boost to running for boots or faster attack speed on the handguards. Also, for chest pieces like more shields or health.


I am not trying to MMO this. I am just saying for customization. Due to the fact if there are 4 Excaliburs running one instance they look exactly the same weapons, colors and a possible helmet changes to determine who's who.


I see you can customize the weapons and such just add some diversity to the warframes looks to make YOUR warframes YOURS.




"Life has boundaries only set forth by your mind"

(Ya it's smoke dragoon, like that neat little class that has a dragon flying around with a knight in the FF series.) 

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