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New Defense Mode Suggestions: Random Faction And Vip (And Hopefully More)


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After reading through some of the comments on the current livestream announcement and the Game Too Easy or Game Too Hard Poll, I had a couple suggestions that I thought could add new dynamics and challenge to defense gameplay.

In the hopes that DE finds something here they can polish and benefit us all, feel free to rip these apart as well as make your own suggestions. I mean to add to this list any suggestions I see with upvotes of more than 5.


   Defense Mode: VIP

   One of the 4 players is randomly chosen as VIP. The team objective will be to ensure this player reaches one of various extraction points throughout the map within a limited amount of time. Further extraction points provide better rewards.

   VIP enemy aggro multiplier is excessively high, with numbers sufficient enough to confound bloodless dashing. Stop points with elemental bosses throughout the map (and increasingly numerous enemies) will help ensure conflict as well as a variety in warframes selected.


   Defense Mode: Random Faction

   New locations with current defense maps, but the Enemy faction randomized, hopefully increasing difficulty/challenge and inspiring greater variety and coordination in selection of weapons and warframes. Slightly higher reward chances than regular defense maps.


I also like Rayet's suggestion:

Will there ever be a boss where elements of the fight are incorporated into its boss room? (EG: Hacking a terminal to disable the bosses shield or attacking parts of an infested ship to weaken a massive infested boss.)





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i really like your ideas , especially the vip one

but it will be really hard to balance it with stuff like excalibur/rhino and their 1st abilities paired with some energy efficiency, max energy and continuity or trinity just running through with link , or simply loki showing off his insane rushing abilities

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