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Hitsu San's Workshop - Octavia Youkai is finally here!

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Thanks guys, i really appreciate it :)


As a happy new year token i've made a power ranger style color scheme hi res screen for you XD I'd like to remind you that i will show you any color scheme you'd like to see.



I still have to wait for DE to know if and how should i go for submitting the skin + helmet as a single package, it will probably take some days before somebody will be able to read since it's the first.


If somebody knows anything on the topic please let me know!

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Thanks for appreciating it guys :) Be ready to vote it on steam soon, i've asked a few questions about how should i go by uploading it as a single package (still if it's possible, i don't really know, there's no clear documentation about it) so we are waiting for some clarifications!


In the mean time i've made another screen with a different color scheme to show you what changes and how, i've tried really hard to make it very difficult to have a bad color scheme (there are some tricks in place ^^).

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Lol thank you guys :) you're very nice, i'm really glad you're liking it so much!


As for the head, from the chin to the top of the highest point it's not bigger than the Meg base helmet. It's a little bit longer though and with the camera FOV and shooting angle it looks like it's a little bit too big. Don't worry though, it's just my camera setup, ingame is going to look fine :) (if it will be chosen from DE of course XD)

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