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Quick Question On Headshots In Melee


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hey guys, you know how every weapons has some ability to headshot enemies for more damage.. I was wondering if melee weapons can do it, or if they have anything like a behead ability.


They do headshot, you just gotta aim higher when you press the melee button. And sadly no, no beheading yet, somehow cutting people in half makes up for it though.

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i dont think you you aim your melee weps. they all have a set animation when you hit the key.

some weps have an overhead strike animation taht might get you a headshot. cant remeber tho its been a while. also lots of mobs are pretty animated at melee range so its hard to predict where their head is going to be at times.

its easier to get them on smaller enemies, like the chargers. gotten the headshot challenge just killing them.

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