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Why I Am A Rusher.


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If you want to go fast, fine.  Kill the freaking cameras on your way.  It's not hard.  

Don't start a boss alone, everyone is here to farm.  

Never rush in the void.  Too much good stuff possibly lying around.

Run and gun.  Clear a path for yourself to get through instead of just dodging.

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Why you are a rusher : because the game is way too easy and allows you to do so.


Why not playing solo ?


When i'm in a rush mood i just set the game on solo/private.

Last time i angered someone because i was rushing, i was on Kela for like the 60th time farming for Saryn and forgot to set my game on private/solo.

Could easily do that by myself instead of ruining someone else's experience, so in a way he was right.


You're trying to justify why you are a rusher, nobody cares, the real question is, why do you join a party if it's to play by yourself ?


Just play solo, and wait for the game to really require a 4 man team to play with a group. 


-edit - Some people pointed it out before me, anyway.

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It's not about different game play. It's about being a $&*^ with your team.

Pretty much.

Also keep in mind that @(*()$ loot disappears after some time, and if you're playing with 3 guys that are OBVIOUSLY kill everything that moves, you're just ruining the party.


If you wanna rush, go solo, it's MUCH more effective anyways. In a team situation, stick with the effing team.

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Don't get mad then when another player stops just short of the extraction so that you must wait for the timer to expire before ending the mission. If you insist on playing in a squad but not playing like a squad then don't get mad if people make you wait there for the entire duration.


Sometimes I wish there was a way to block players. It would eliminate some repeat offenses between players.


Perhaps DE needs a way to designate missions such as standard or speed runs.

That and setting standards for who can host missions.

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Btw, it's also annoying when you're hosting a mission and some rushers join. And after you clearly stated "NO RUSHING PLZ" in chat, they just don't give a S#&$ and go their way anyways. Meh.

Then leech, tell him you're going afk for 5 hours.

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I think the dawn of "the rusher" is approaching... Here's why...

DE has now hidden the important drops such as control modules, morphics, neurodes, gallium, etc. in lockers and on regular enemy drops. The ones who won't believe me haven't had it happen to them yet, but in the past week or so I've gotten control modules off of moas, and from breaking containers. They've also made it so that the Hyena drops ferrite and only drops control modules once in a while. (I did about 6 runs only to get it once from Hyena)

Don't get me wrong I'm sure the current rushers will adapt to just opening everything and flying through the levels quickly, but the whole run through everything while missing a bunch of mods and mats and going straight to the boss only to get nano spores, salvage, ferrite or the BP for frames they already have (cuz they've obviously rushed that level before) just may not be that appealing anymore.

My regular team and I are relatively fast and it's really like 4 rushers who work together and mark all the good stuff as common practice.

But that being said... I still like PUGs...

Who doesn't like PUGs?


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