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Clan Capes, Or Actually Regular Capes


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Capes? Frames are T-cyte virus armored ninjas. Why should they wear capes? T-cyte capes? Sound pretty weird to me. Why shouldnt we have dance moves, emotions, emotes, cute little pets, dresses and shoes? I want my Loki to have cowboy hat with uggs boots.


But seriously, there is no point in including stuff that dont go with gameplay and lore. If you include capes, there will be no end to including rest of the childish stuff to the game. Clan emblem is good idea, but with some base of pictures that DE approves. Or otherwise, penis and S#&$ picture hell will brake loose.

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To the naysayers, how about making them optional like in every game with backpieces? :O

that would make you happy, and capelovers happy too, win-win.


 I just see it as a framerate bombing device, along with not really fitting the organic suit thing well.



 If a Frame was designed with some sort of cloth in mind it'd be different - but I seriously only envision it looking goofy on most frames as the game is now.

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Personally I don't think it'd fit the game theme or frame aestethics, secondly it would affect performance, and third it would be illogical as the Tenno would only give the Grineer/Infested/Corpus something to grab and pull to get them off balance. You do not wish to have a cape when fighting unless the one you're battling against is completely, and utterly, incapable and incompetent.

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Is this Runescape now or something?

Since when was Runescape well known for its capes...


Sure, Warframe may not be like traditional MMORPG games, but pretty much every single MMO I've played, has had equippable capes.


I wonder if someone could draw up a concept, or photoshop a cape (preferable Artorias' cape) onto a Warframe.

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I know for a face that, everyone likes capes, from all the games I played...so


I assume you meant fact.

Also, you don't know that, don't even claim to.

I don't like capes, the physics never look right, even with silk physics it would clip like crazy.



I'm not sure about having traditional capes, such as the ones that superheroes wear.


As much as I dislike Lightning and FF XIII, I think Lightning's cape looks much better than the traditional style.

There's a lack of screenshots of her cape, so I got this one from Google Images.


It's off to the side, so it wouldn't get in the way of weapons as much.

That's not a 100% accurate representation of her cape, but I couldn't find any actual images of her from behind.


Personally, I think Artorias' cape would be the best though.





It goes around the front as well as the back, so it's kind of a mix of a scarf and a cape.

It looks tattered to show the wears of battle.

It looks badass.


I don't know how well capes would work in Warframe, but if they did appear, I think Artorias' cape looks the best.

I'd be happy with custom clan logos that we could place on our shoulders though.

Artorias <3

That's pretty much the only cloak I should see myself using, especially since Grams animations are so similar to his. 



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Capes just wouldn't fit with the look of anything in Warframe, and it just seems too extravagant. All that extra fabric that serves no purpose other than to just hang there. I don't know, just seems kinda counter to the Tenno mindset/purpose/look. Heck, we don't even have couches anymore in the dojo since they didn't serve any purpose. 


I'm all for customization options, but they should keep it fitting with the art style.

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