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Warframe Stories - A Stalker's Tale (And Quite Possibly More..)

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Well, I've written quite the story. I initially wanted to make a machinima, but I din't have the set aomunt time and resources for that. But I did set aside the time to counjure up a decent story. Enjoy reading my story!



Across the void of space, a stealth fighter is seen zooming towards a rock. The rock wasn’t ordinary by any means, it was a mining vessel composed by the Grineer. It was wrapped around by construction and various docking tubes on the outside. It was said that Captain Vor, a notorious leader in the Mercury system, was leading the excavation of a site. The mission was to infiltrate the ship, assassinate Captain Vor, and leave.

The stealth fighter carried the warframes, Excalibur, Trinity, Rhino, Nyx and Banshee. They had the interior plans of the ship, as well as knowledge about Vor, courtesy of the Lotus.


“So, does everyone know about the plan?” Excalibur questions.


 “Your our leader, and typically we go over the plans twice...” Rhino in a funny tone.


Excalibur nods his head.


“Very funny and cliché.” Excalibur in a sarcastic tone.


Excalibur tosses a holo-display plans of the ship. Each key part of the ship was highlighted for visual clarity and route understandings.


“Rules of Engagement.  Stealth.  If the objective goes askew, then Rhino, you get first shot. Okay, Banshee. You’re our scout, I want you to travel through the vents and fan ducts to give us a readout of all potential troubles. Nyx, keep Banshee some company. Trin, and Rhino, watch my back. We’ll be the ground forces.” Excalibur states. “Everyone got it?”


The group nod simultaneously.


The ship flying dips and flies away, dropping the unauthorized “cargo.” Banshee sees to her job, as she notices the first air vent. She runs up the wall, Nyx following suit, they both jump with finesse, and grasp the ledge of a narrow catwalk. Banshee then removes the grate and sneaks through.


The three approach a door. Excalibur and Trinity hug the right and left side of the door. Rhino is hiding behind some crates.


“Banshee, anything past the door?” Excalibur with a questioning whisper.


“You have three guards meandering towards the door.” Banshee states.


“Two guards are patrolling the lower perimeter of the room.” Nyx in accordance.


“Good catch, Nyx.”


“It’s good to have a keen eye for things.”


“Take out the guards in the lower half. We’ll deal with the unsuspecting guards.” Excalibur states.


Two arrows silently stream past the patrolling guards, dropping with a slight curve hitting the targets in the head with undoubted precision.


The patrolling guards walk through the door. Two of them receiving a Skana plunged through their armor and into their chest. The third was about to raise and fire his weapon, but had a hard time being blinded by the gushing crimson of his fellow compatriots. Rhino dealt the final blow.


“Well that went without a hitch.” Trinity States.

“The next room, Captain Vor and several lackeys are surrounding him. We can’t take them on stealth-fully, without them noticing.” Nyx whispers.


“We’ll have to do this the hard way…” Excalibur muddles.


“Ex… Don’t-“


Excalibur cuts Trinity mid-sentence and rushes into the next room. The guards run at him with various sharp cleavers and guns. It is here Excalibur shreds through the competition. However, Vor caught him off guard, and slapped him with his stick. The warframes charge through the door and provide cover assistance. Excalibur trying to regain balance was caught once again and 3 shot hit his chest and a cleaver gashed a scar into the collarbone of his body.  He fell over, and managed to crawl away. Trinity pulls him over to the previous room and orders the groups to fall back.


The ship enters lockdown status.


“Ex… Please stay with me…” Trinity in a worried voice.


“How bad is it…?” Excalibur asks. He gags a little blood from breathing.


Trinity places her hand onto the cheek of Excalibur’s helm.


“Ex… It’s going to take time… But it’s something I can fix.” Trinity in a compassionate tone. “Try to relax and please… don’t do that again. You worried me.”


“I’ll try-“ Excalibur coughing up more blood. “Hey… By the way.. you make a good leader.”




Trinity gently and smoothly rubbed the wounds with her hand. The touch was warm and relaxing. As time progressed, the fibers of his skin and suit were making connections to one another.


Trinity called Nyx over. She ordered her to put him under a state of euphoria. A dreamland of sorts. It is then that Banshee heard screams by the door. Utilizing the rest of her power, she scanned the room. Vor had been gutted. His body was hanging onto a high wall with his insides hanging outside. The guards or what remained of them was strewn about the room. The room was mostly splattered with red velvet, and the occasional streaks of crimson line the walls.


“Trinity… Captain Vor is dead, and his relentless garrison was demolished.” Banshee states.


“That’s sounds… Bad.”


“We have a bigger problem on our hands…”


Excalibur still remained vigilant, even while under Nyx’s spell. He had heard everything, but he didn’t move, for Trinity would be angry.


“Try and get the lockdown disengaged. We’re going.” Trinity firmly says to Banshee.


She jogs towards the console and proceeds with to bypass it. Trinity meanders back further into the room. All the doors opened. The ship lights suddenly dim. The power was cut.


“This can’t be good…” Trinity says.


Excalibur stares at Trinity intensely. A natural disturbance is lurking near her. Red lights and dark mist fade into the scene.


“Trin… Trinity!” Excalibur shouts.


She looks behind her. A blade impales through her stomach. The blade lifts upward. The scythe was dripping with the blood of hundreds, possibly thousands of victims. Trinity trembling, struggles to reach her Lato pistol. The dark anthropomorphic figure sees this. The figure throws her off the scythe.


 Rhino grew angry as well as bloodthirsty. He charged the menace. They both locked up into a power struggle, and Rhino was bested. He was thrown to the ground and was delivered a kick that could easily penetrate the armor and shatter bone. Banshee and Nyx shot at him, but the bullets did nothing. She was sent flying across the room with a thunderous slap. Nyx was grabbed by the neck, choked, and dropped to the floor.


The warframes lie unconscious with the will of nothing. The dark figure slowly walking away, Excalibur stood up. His wounds did not fully heal, and the process of movement would surely cripple it, if not slowly unbind what Trinity had already done.


Excalibur with a recently acquired Grakata in hand, charged the beast, expelling all of the ammo in mere seconds with impressive accuracy. The savage turns around. Unsheathing the bloodied Skana blade, Excalibur plunges it in-between the neck and collarbone of the figure. The figure backs way from Excalibur, allowing the blade to tear through his flesh. The massive wound slowly repairs itself, and the figure fades out of the room.


Excalibur rushes to Trinity’s side. She was badly wounded, bleeding out, and the blade made that a lasting impression. Meanwhile, the warfames slowly regain consciousness.


Trin… Speak to me. Please…” Excalibur with an emotional strain in his voice.


He placed two fingers below the chin, on the neck of the suit. She is barely maintaining a pulse.


“Everyone… we’re heading out…” Excalibur with a firm voice.


“But Excal… you’re not in peak condition to walk, more or less fight..” Nyx states.


“She’s right.” Banshee in agreement.


“I can handle it.” Excalibur states. “We’re leaving, and fast.”


The group starts running towards the room with ex-filtration ships. Excalibur is slowing up, and pain is catching him more and more, as the process unbinds. He struggles to gain footing during the last few meters, but manages to make it aboard. He caresses Trinity with all of his remaining strength.


The warframes head to their Dojo, their luxury headquarters out in the middle of somewhere. Excalibur places Trinity onto an infirmary bed, hooks her to a healing station. He nearly collapses in pain and of strained muscles.


Minutes fly, hours pass, but seconds remain an eternity. Excalibur remained in standing position, with his hands clasped together. He meditated on the mission. He was very worried about Trinity. He reminisced over the countless missions they had been on, taking care of each other, and forming an everlasting bond with one another. He had remained in solitude for hours.


Rhino and Nyx pass by looking at him through a window.


“I’m worried about him Rhino…’ Nyx with a saddened tone. “She means a lot to him…”


“We should provide some comfort to him.” Rhino suggests.


The two walk to the room. Excalibur doesn’t notice them. Nyx tries to get his attention.


“Excal… Hey.. Wake UP!” Nyx shouting.


Excalibur mid-dream wakes up and turns his head to the left. He slowly eases his body.


“You realize that your still wounded, right?” Rhino with emphasis.


“Yeah, I know... But this is honestly a more pressing issue.” Excalibur with emotion in his voice. “…I’ve cared for her… We’ve cared for each a long time…”


Excalibur starts welling up and cries. Nyx and Rhino kneel down and place their hands on Excalibur’s shoulders. After several minutes of crying, he slowly regains composure.


“You okay… Excal..?” Nyx says quietly.


“Yeah… I’ll be fine. Just leave me be…”


“We’ll be outside, if you need to relieve yourself of any pressures.” Rhino says.


The two walk out, and leave Excalibur and Trinity alone. Afterwards, Trinity was faintly conscious during his conversation with them. She gained more apparent consciousness. She raised herself up on the bed.


“Hey… Ex.” Trinity saying with strain in her voice. "I caught a little bit with you little conversation with Nyx and Rhino.."


Excalibur hears her voice, and they both embrace.


“You’re still wounded… “ Trinity sighs. “You should get that checked out.”


“…’ It’s going to take time… But it’s something I can fix.’” Excalibur recites. “Anyway, I’ve waited here... for you.”


“Heh.. How long was I gone for?”


“Several hours. And to be honest, those were the most painful hours of my life.”


“I see.. It’s been the same for me too…”


The two embrace once more.




This story took about a few hours to wirte, and to fix a bit of the micellaneous errors. I'm going to put some reserve posts, for later stories and other micellaneous things.


Well, I hope you enjoyed reading it, and good warframing to you guys! :)


EDIT: This is mostly a squential build up for the end. So the stories are essentially chapters that will progress to the end. Might clear that up for confusion, as well as mine.


Fun Facts

- In MS Word, it's pretty much four pages.

- 1,661 words. It's quite the long tale.

- I Started at 2 Pm, and finished it at 6:35 Pm. 4.5 hours!

- The square root of rope is string.



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Well, here's another story. Tried to think, but I'm running out of ideas. Though I have ideas for the end, which will come soon, processing will take time. I hope you enjoy my next chapter.




The group remained in their Dojo. It was a quiet time out in the middle of the void of space. The Dojo was fairly plain. Plants are lined, present in the foyer of the entrance. The center emblazoned with the symbol of the Tenno. Various of the rooms contained the crew quarters, as well as the essential rooms like the meeting quarter, and the Infirmary. The infirmary was located in the back of the foyer. Trinity and Excalibur were recovering from their grievous wounds in the infirmary.


“Well… It’s good to feel flexible again. I had to carry you and hold you on those cramped ships, Trin.” Excalibur says lightly. “I thought I was going to lose you…”


“What about you? I thought the same thing, when you were fighting that squad of Grineer marines…” Trinity says with emotion. “You carried me, while wounded. Your arm was nearly falling apart when we embraced…”


Saryn walks in during the conversation.


“Saryn, what’s going on?” Excalibur questions.


“Lotus wants us to assemble in the meeting room.” Saryn states. “It’s about your mission report.”


Saryn, Trinity, and Excalibur walk out of the infirmary to the meeting quarter. The clan-mates all circle inside the room, surrounding a circle, with a circumscribed square in the middle. This lights dim sensibly, and mist falls from the ceiling. Raw lights protrude from the circle, forming a familiar structure: the Lotus. The clan kneels forward.


“Excalibur… My first stalwart student.  Please step forward.” The lotus with a rather whispery voice.


Excalibur walks toward the mist representation of Lotus.


“Yes, Lotus?” Excalibur questions.


“So straight forward are we now, youngling? You filed a mission report. One I found with intrigue, and… worry.” The Lotus says. “It is appreciable that Captain Vor has ultimately succumbed and accepted his untimely end. However, it was not of the Tenno that have caused this. Rather the blade and weapons of an unknown being. The being resembling a humanoid-kind and with fearsome red lights. Is this statement true, my student?”


“Yes, mi ’lady Lotus.”


“Is it also true, that your associate Trinity as well as yourself was scarred in the process?”


“Yes, mi ’lady Lotus.”


“I have questions to ask from you, my trusted student, the light of your clan. Excalibur, are you willing?”


Excalibur kneels down and nods his head.


“What is the question you’re going to unfold, mistress of knowledge and guidance?”


 “Are you willing to lay down your life? For the sake of your friends or for the sake of some possession?”


“I’m willing to take my own life. I’d stake it for the life of my friends, the mission... but above all else... the Tenno.”


“Something I wouldn’t want to hear, but your cause is noble, my student. Judging your mission report, your logs, says otherwise. It would seem like to leave your friends as cold husks…” The lotus says coldy and plainly.


“Lotus, that’s not true. They were able bodied, after being rendered unconscious!” Excalibur exclaimed. “What have I done wrong, Lotus!?”


“Look. You need to consider the needs of the many, rather the needs of one.” The lotus explains. “The individuals in the room are yours to command, they follow you because you are their leader. This report shows a disgraceful example, not only to your associates, but to your skills as a leader. I’m rather displeased at your performance.”


The room was silent.


“And before this intermission ends, there is another mission to embark upon. Earth system, the planet of Oro. There is an artifact that needs to be retrieved. You and your compatriots want to be on their highest guard. Think clearly, and stay sharp Excalibur. You’re getting a little dull already.”


The transmission ends, and Excalibur stands up. He bows his head in shame. My team was capable of going on their own… What did I do wrong? Why was Lotus displeased? Why?


“Hey... You alright?” Ember places a hand on his shoulder.


“Yeah, the Lotus gave you a lot of flak for that mission. That isn’t right.” Frost states.


“The lotus is right.” Excalibur says plainly.


He then walks out of the Meeting Quarter, with the clan breaking the circle upon exiting.  The clan of friends looks at him walking through the door, worried. The door shuts.


The clan walks out of the Meeting Quarter, and walk into the Lounge. Trinity is pacing back and forth, rubbing the chin of her helm, thinking.


“I’m going to talk to him.” Trinity whispers to Saryn.


“You sure? I think all of us should talk to him.” Saryn in suggestive tone.


“It’d be hard having all of us talking to him at once... It’ worth a shot though.”


Meanwhile Excalibur is standing, hands clasped together, head bowed, in a lounge separate from the others. Meditating and processing his thoughts. He was troubled, but the assigned mission had to come first. His clan-mates, friends had to come first. His mind was divided amongst the Lotus’s advice.


All of the frames walk towards him. Their gait being slow, and approaching. Excalibur notices their motion and raises his head and unclasps his hands.


“Hey, Ex… what’s going on?” Trinity asks. “I’m assuming you can’t wrap your head around things?”


“Yeah… I’m not sure what to do… I apologize to those who were on the previous mission…”


“Hey. Don’t sweat it, pal. I’m still standing proud and tall after being taken down.” Rhino with his gruff and bellowing voice.


“I think we were all scared, Excal. Except for you. There was something that triggered you to attack that beast.” Nyx explained.


“More like adrenaline coursing through my body…” Excalibur mumbles. “I’m just worried about… us.”


“Excalibur, you need not worry about that. Thou art the one who brought us together.” Ash replies. “Our guns will shine, but it’s our swords that will strike hope, and shine divinity amongst us. Your sword, your Skana, saved lives, OUR lives countless times. A symbol of inspiration and preservation if you will.”


“Thanks, Ash.” Excalibur in a slightly cheered up tone. “ Anyway, don’t we have a mission to go on?”


The clan nods simultaneously. Saryn, Trinity, Ash, Volt and Rhino accompany Excalibur onto the infiltration ship.


“So the planet… Oro. What’s the plan?” Volt questions.


“I hope that nobody dies under my watch, that aside, the plan is typical. Sneak, get the artifact, and leave.” Excalibur states. “We all prepared?”


The frames sheathe their various blades, and equip their more eloquent weapons. Readied, the frames are anxious to start. However, something leads them astray. A weak tether pulls them from the planets’ surface, forcing them down to somewhere rather uncharted. The ship crashes, trees collapse, break and shatter from the impact, snow and dirt cloud the impact crater.


“Looks like our objective is here. The radar still points to this direction.” Volt points out. “A large tower is the target. And with the snow as our cover, it’s going to be very convenient.”


The frames sneak through the blizzard of snow, making out faint shapes of one another as well as Grineer marines. Half way through to the tower, something eerie occurs. The lights dim, and glow brightly again. An ominous sign that their “friend” is near.


“Looks like the Grineer are hosed again once more.” Rhino says with horror. “It’s not going to look pretty when we get inside.”


“He’s using the artifact as a lure.” Trinity points out.


“We’ll see.”


The storm is growing more and more furious as the minutes pass by, the frames suits covered in satin white, any longer, and they’ll be consumed in the whiteness. Unable to see, and relying on sense, the frame’s slowly inch their way toward the tower. The doors open. The bright satin white permeates through, covering the ground with cracks of ice, and speckles of white. Wind whispers through the door as it slides shut. Nothingness. Adjusting to the environment, the lights dim once more. The horror unfolds to the Tenno. Skulking the shadows was their feared opponent, who single handedly annihilated hordes of marines, and did so in the quickest of manners. Their movement unhampered, unparalleled to even those who are faster than a ship jumping to FTL Speeds. He was lurking, and everyone knew it.


The team was approaching their target objective: the artifact. Saryn molts, as a precautionary maneuver and reaches towards the artifact. Silence, and the anticipation of their nemesis to come. Time passes. Saryn absorbs the artifact, and the lights beam brightly. Rust lines the walls, splatters of red oozing from the hanging marines.  A hallway opens.  Lined with corpses of fallen military soldiers , they wade through the blood, scraps of flesh and severed material. Excalibur makes it first to the exit. The group catches up. A loud shrieking voice pierces their ears. The lights shatter.


Leave. Your day of reckoning will come. And I‘ll be watching...




Fun Facts


-3.5 pages in MS Word. Shorter than my last entry.

-1,480 Words. That's 181 words less than the first entry.

-Creativity and Procrastination had it's toll. Several hour went into this piece.

-The millionth digit of pi is 9.


Enjoy. :)

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Next chapter. The conclusion is done as well. Posting that one afterwards. Anyway, being the man of small words, enjoy reading.




“The mission was a success, and no one was injured in the process…” The lotus with a slight smirk on her face. “Well done, Excalibur.”


“Thank you. Though this thing… this “Stalker” has been following us.”


“Ah. Yes, the Stalker.  It has been making quite the disturbance, has it not?”


“It hasn’t struck since… that last mission, lotus.”


“Well, I’ve prepared something for the event for when it does strike. A sword. The “Soul reaver” will surely consume your clan’s resources, but it will end the Stalkers life.”


“How do you know?” Excalibur questions.


“This sword is of unique design, but has not been forged in over hundreds of years. It was used by the one, to finish off the mightiest of foe. However, then who wielded the blade did not return.” The lotus fetches the blueprint. “It’s of elegant caliber, razor sharp edge, and keen tip. Though it was brittle in construction and was only feasible for a single use.”


“Where do we begin?”


The lotus sends the blueprints of the Reaver to the Dojo. The resources required would be a massive undertaking, but the Stalker would surely perish, but at what cost? Would someone have to lose their life to save everyone else’s? Only time would tell.


“Aye, this requires a lot of Morphics, and Gallium.” Frost points out.


“Not only that, but some Orokin cells.” Trinity affirms.


The group paces around the lab, figuring out how they will procure these materials. It will be a long time for them to forge the blade, let alone gather the resources. This would be of tedious work, for all of them. The best solution would to separate into divisions and gather resources through their missions. If all succeed in doing so, the stalker will fall.


Their next mission was on the planet Baal. A ship was floating amongst debris from a long winded fight in interstellar combat. Black streaks and large scars cover the ship, while corpses of those in the area were out, drifting amongst the stars, giving their last condolences to their lives, before suffocating. Though onto closer observation, organic layers and overgrowth took over the ship, meaning only one thing: the Infested.


Ash, Mag, and Nyx infiltrate the overgrown ship. The task: gather the resources required and leave. Knowing the Corpus, the valuables are placed in a high security environment, where only the highest standing officers can manage the goods within. The infested had no brains what-so-ever. Faint radio static came through the teams helms. Communication was still possible. The groups report in.


“We’re still on the hunt for the Morphics, we’re getting close to the chamber.” Ash whispers.


“Good. We’re fetching our set of Gallium. Still have quite a way to go.” Saryn states.


“We’re gathering the Orokin Cells now. Labor is tough work…” Rhino in a painful gruff voice.


The static grew more and more intense. Communication faded away. Piercing cries ring throughout the infested ship. An ancient was plowing their way for the triumvirate. In admirable fashion, Ash sliced into the grotesque flesh of the infested being. The link between the head, body and legs fell apart.


“Sushi anyone?” Ash says sarcastically.


“We’ve got no time for that…” Mag replies jokingly.


“Well, the infested knows we’re here. Let’s grab the Morphics, and get the hell out.” Nyx states.


Adorned with fresh metal plating and loose flesh, leapers, and crawlers lurk around the scene, scanning with their feelers. The frames hide in the shadows and crevices Ash discovers the chamber of loot, unharmed by any means.


“Corpus always had tight security. Too bad it’s not tight enough.”


He stabs the security panel with his signature weapon, the Pangolin. The shields slowly dissipate. The door was pristine, but no amount of physical pulling wouldn’t get it open. Mag lashes energy onto the door and slowly pulls in-between the door openings. Ash and Nyx jam the mechanisms preventing the door from sliding shut. This noise would attract the infested, and it did. Crawlers, Runners and leapers came in large packs. Like an elegant motion the triumvirate synchronized their attacks perfectly, parrying each attack, and following through. Their movements, mix of sword and gun attacks was a true marvel of art.


After the incursion, they grabbed box upon box of Morphics.


“Status check: How’s everyone with their mission?” Mag questions


“Team 1 here, we’re nearly about to depart with the goods.” Sayrn states.


“Team 2, we’re leaving shortly, just hitching them to the crafts…” Rhino saying with tiredness.


Faint rings and clangs rang out during the check. Screams, cries for help and gurgles became common for minutes on end. The stalker was causing paranoia amongst the teams. How could it be in three places at once? The ships over the communications depart. Last ones out, Ash, Nyx and Mag, reach the Dojo. Crates of resources tower the teams in the lobby.


“I think that should be enough. And then some.” Nyx says.


“Well, the blade needs to be forged, not synthesized. The raw energy is harnessed inside the blood groove here.” Frost points out. “Ancient techniques are going to blunder these resources a lot. And we have ALL of the known resources here. I’m fairly experienced blacksmith myself, but we don’t own an anvil, or fireplace…”


“That’s good to know.” Ember says politely. “I can conjure up some fire here…”


Everyone stares at her.


“Okay, why does everyone interpret things I say the wrong way?” Ember with embarrassment in her voice.


“I guess we need to keep the tension off of us at some point. Going on missions strain us physically and mentally. That Stalker too. He messed up quite well during the grab-and-go for the resources.” Vauban says. “We just need some bloody time to relax, but the Lotus needs us to go on the escapades real quick.”


“Well this will allow us to blow some steam off, for awhile.” Ember says. “Staring aside, we should make do with what we have to get Frost the things he needs.”


The clan nods. Loki, Volt, Ember, and Frost head to a spare lot in the Dojo and create the blacksmithing room. Volt and Loki take spare ferrite deposits and meld them into a strong anvil shape. Ember encasing it with a coating of Morphics to give it durability and a sleek finish. The firepit was the next objective. Loki and Ember developed many base frames for it, but none of them quite up to snuff.


“Why don’t you mount it to the wall, it’s easier than cluttering the center of the room.” Vauban suggests.


The two facepalm, and start from scratch. Welding the frame to the wall with electricity and flames, it takes shape. The inner core being lit with flammable material, courtesy of Ember.


The forging begins…


The other teammates are at a lounge, talking about missions, and their paranoia about the stalker.


“Ex, you’re the helmsman of our team. What’s going to be the plan?” Trinity questions.


“We’re going on yet another mission… When the Stalker attacks, it’s when we strike.” Excalibur stating firmly. “It follows us everywhere we go, and last mission, his cries were at three places at once. I’m putting an end to this nightmare.”


“You know what the lotus said right? ‘Who [ever] wielded the blade did not return?” Trinity quips. “We don’t want that to happen...”


“It’s time I break that cycle.”


Frost covered in ash,arrives into the lounge with sword in hand. He hands it to Excalibur to examine. Its shape fondly resembles to that of a straight katana, however, sharp grooves in the blade, small holes in the blade, slightly larger blade tip, and blood groove, make this weapon more unique. Carved inside the base of the blood groove, Celtic runes line the center of it, with the other side of the blade translating: Excalibur. The hilt resembles to that of the Skana variety, allowing for more familiarity with said blade. The blade resonates with bright blue energy, pulsing every so often.


“Now lad, that blade had a VERY sharp edge. I wish we were able to keep it, but the time to forge one, the resources… I’m going to miss it.” Frost in a melancholic tone.


“Don’t worry, we’ll get you a copy, and this time you’ll be able to use it for a long time, instead of one use.” Banshee with a friendly hand to the shoulder. “Don’t worry.”


“Aww, shucks Bansh… you’re always too reassuring, like your fellow female companions!” Frost saying with happiness.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”


“Oh, I’m just kidding lass. Don’t need to get your frame up in a bunch.”


Banshee, and the others shakes their heads in joking disapproval.


“Everyone, rally up. We’ve got a Stalker to hunt.” Excalibur in an inciting voice.


The rest of them raise their fist high, approving the idea. Several ships leave the Dojo. Everyone is marching head on towards their next mission on yet another Grineer ship. They all arrive to their destination. A map lights up on a hacked monitor in the current rooms the frames are stationed at.


“So, we’ll all meet in the Hollows here, nearing the aft deck. When we regroup, we fight any opposing foes, and wait. It’s time we face the Stalker down.” Excalibur says with tension.


The ship was left heavily unguarded. No soldiers patrolling the ships interior decks whatsoever.


“Typically Grineer should be here? What’s the hold up?” Rhino in an aggressive tone.


They reach the Hollows. The room was a long strip of hallway, with two semi-circle room parts in the middle. Above, two catwalks line towards the semi-circle rooms. The main lights in the room fade away. A red emanating glow is on the other side of the hallway. The stalker leaps forward, aggressively attacking Excalibur. Successfully parrying every attack, Excalibur calculated every possible opening he could exploit, following up his parries to strike with his Skana. The Stalker retreats. Blood from grooves cut in his armor line down his chest and arms. The Stalker sets his bead on Excalibur. The beginning of the end began.




Fun Facts


-3.5 pages in MS word. Same length as my last entry, but still shorter than Entry 1.

-1,681 Words. 201 words longer than the last entry, and 21 words longer than Entry 1!

-It took roughly the span of  several hours to write up both this chapter, and the conclusion.

-Pants were invented by sailors in the 16th century to avoid Poseidon's wrath. It was believed that the sight of naked sailors angered the sea god.


Enjoy. :3

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And last but not least, this is the end. Reread the whole story, so you can enjoy it with it's full glory. :)




Excalibur was impaled by the hilt of the scythe.


He closed his eyes. The purest white, like the white of snow, as if a spectral being had descended and has purified the land. It consumed his thoughts. Envisioning his team, and Trinity. What will continue after I was gone? Screams of his name was heard, crying, weeping, silence. Nothing more couldn’t have been done.


He opens his eyes. The Soul reaver is plunged into the beast. Before Excalibur’s eyes, the blade shatters upon piercing the flesh, the beast screams, slowly tapering off as he retreats. The stalker falls to one knee, and slowly disintegrates into a fine black powder. Its helmet falls, and shatters like glass, chiming across the silent room, as if a violin played a harsh chord.

Excalibur falls to the ground, landing face first into cold metal. Grineer crewmen poured throughout the door, trying to kill the invaders. Trinity earnestly reaching to pull Excalibur to safety is shot with piercing shards of ammunition. The ship is put on temporary lockdown.


“We have to save them… They won’t last very long!” Ash in a panicked manner.


“We can’t save both of them, there’s not enough time!’ Mag exclaims. “The lockdown will be lifted and we’ll all die!”


“Oh… My god…”


Excalibur is seen crawling, an ungodly amount of crimson from his grievous puncture wound trails the floor. Excalibur while crawling reminisces over the previous missions. Each arm length of the crawl, a memory. Each memory, slowly driving him forward to the pile of black sand and red glowing glass remains of the stalker. The group sends a reaching hand forward, but the words of Excalibur sends the message.


“Go…” Excalibur coughing on blood. “Save… her…”


Excalibur reaches and pulls the implement of death, the weapon that consumed countless lives, the dark and crimson emanating from the weapon: the scythe. He slowly tries to prop himself up from the ground with the rest of his remaining strength. Black speckles slowly travel towards the hand gripping the weapon of destruction. The black engulfs him and he drops the scythe. His body hovers above the ground, as the sand covers his entire suit, and the glass cover his arm. The lights however, were not red. It was the brightest of blue, comparable to that of the sky on a clear boundless day. He falls to the ground, kneeling from all the pressure.


The door slides open. Muffled screams echoed. Excalibur is standing, sweeping his eyes about the room, looking at his handiwork. He rushes over to Trinity’s side, but is stopped by his companions, who trained their weapons on him. He looks over at Trinity. He feels a sense inside of her; faint, very weak breathing catches his ears. His gait being slow, he paces towards Trinity.


“I’m... Sorry.” Excalibur’s whisper, bellowing inside her helmet.


He tears a part of his armor, gashing into his own flesh, placing it onto her various wounds. His scar instantly regenerates. Putting a reaching hand, an aura of energy carefully flows from it, spilling onto the flesh and wounds. They instantly intertwine together, and the scars vanish.


The group lowers their weapons. Excalibur helps Trinity up from the ground. She places a hand onto the now rough and partially boney cheek of his helm.


“Ex… What happens now?…” Trinity with a strain in her voice.


He embraces her. She cries. Tears permeate through her helm onto the armor of Excalibur.


The Dojo was silent the whole way through to the Meeting Quarter.


“The mission was… a success.” Trinity states.


“Ah, my associate. I feel a disturbance in your voice… What’s wrong?” The Lotus questions.


“Excalibur… He’s… gone...”


The Lotus bows her head, and clasps her hands together.


“This was very unfortunate for him, and you. I know both of you cared, and nourished each other with love, and protection. I’m sorry, Trinity.” The lotus in a low tone. “What happened to his body?”


“That’s complicated…”


Excalibur exits out of the shadows, and faces the Lotus eye to eye.


“The Stalker is here, and is not dead.” The Lotus says. “Trinity you have-“


“She’s right. The complication is that I’m now the stalker.” Excalibur with a firm voice. “I saved them. If anything, you wouldn’t see any of us coming back here.”


“Excalibur. My apologies.” The lotus says with shock. “What happened to your… body?”


“I absorbed the essence of the Stalker from his scythe. His abilities, augment mine.”


“Excalibur. I’m disappointed with you.” The lotus states. “You have accepted the powers of essentially god. Knowing that, you will be as corrupt as the thing that almost killed you.”


“I can see that, oh well. The fact is I’ll be the guardian of the Tenno. My friends, their allies. Their thoughts, mine.”


“I don’t believe you. I want-“


“You gone, because of the treason of acquiring such power? No.” Excalibur saying with foresight.


The lotus stands awestruck before him.


“If anything, I’ll say my goodbyes and take my leave.”


The transmission forcibly fades out. Excalibur walks out of the Meeting Quarter with the clan following suit. Trinity walks behind him.


“Ex… I’ve never seen this side of you before…”


“I had to… I was angry with her to begin with. So hypocritical.”


The clan forms a straight file, all of them facing Excalibur.


“I see. You’ve pretty much resigned your position…” Trinity says with sadness.


“Trinity, you’ll lead these individuals. You’ve got good heart, and you’re experienced enough.” Excalibur says. “Frost, I’ve got a little something for you…”


Excalibur tosses a blade to Frost.


“What? How?! I don’t even-“Frost stuttering over his words.


“It’s a durable replica. Forged some with some spare time. Made copies for everyone here.” Excalibur in a happy tone.


“Well, your handiwork is excellent!”


“Appreciate it.”


“So… What happens now, Ex? About you and I, about the team?” Trinity stepping forward.


“As it stands, I’m an outcast. I’ll guard all of you with my life, no matter what the cost, if there is any…” Excalibur states. “This will be one of my few visits here. I hope we can all me again soon.”


“We’re all going to miss you…”  The group saying in unison.


“I’m going to miss you, my love…”Trinity whispers.


“I’ll miss you too.”


Excalibur and Trinity embrace each other, both of them crying. For what seemed like an eternity, they slowly let go, until they were both lightly holding hands. Excalibur let’s go, and teleports out of the Dojo.


‘I’m going to miss you Excalibur… I’m going to…”Trinity with emotion in her voice.


She sits down on two knees and cries once more.




Fun Facts

-About 3 pages in MS word. Shorter than all of the entries.

-1,104 Words. 577 words less than the Last Entry, 376 than Entry 2, and 557 words less than Entry 1.

-It took roughly the span of  several hours to write up both this chapter, and the conclusion.

-A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds.

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Wow nicely written and good story, would love 2 read more about the mystery of the stalker! you got me as a subscriber to your story's mate ;)


I won't guarantee that I definitely I KNOW the mystery of the stalker, and that these stories weren't made from past experience (haven't leveled far enough to see the horrifying thing), but I appreciate it. :)


Adding to the mystique is all. Anyway, I'll try to keep up with it. Just allow me to regain my creative juices. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, the last segments, namely Entry 3 and the conclusion are finished. Reread the story, so that it doesn't feel to cliffhangy to begin with.


I hope you enjoy reading the full story, and good warframing to you guys.


I'll be posting you guys later. :)

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