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Conclave Changes

  • Increased the damage of most Secondary weapons in Conclave.

  • Made slight adjustments to overall Warframe Effective Hit Points in Conclave.

  • Reduced the effectiveness of Mirage’s passive in Conclave.



  • The Onorix’s Handle has now been added to Archwing Mobile Defense Mission drop tables.



  • Fixed Equinox’s Conclave Mobility not being properly normalized, and Equinox’s Movement Speed being adjusted by mistake.

  • Fixed players not receiving a Death Mark if their Sentinel or Kubrow is responsible for the death of a boss.

  • Fixed Mirage’s clones dealing damage from Bullet Jumps in Conclave.

  • Various crash fixes.
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Huzzah for Onorix Handle. Now if only the Onorix BLADE was a little easier to find. Especially since you need TWO of the darned things!


Also if Mirage's clones cannot deal damage from bullet jumps in Conclave... does that mean they can, in normal PvE play?!?

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And here's the current thread/issue dump (again).


Survival and Excavation missions give the wrong keys.

Quest target item is not set to drop in the quest mission.

Osprey hitboxes don't match their models.

Mutalist Moas retain the Equinox Maim visual effect from the cabinet attached.

The AFK timer exists now, so consider removing older anti-leech systems.

Voting to leave a void mission when the key user stays fails the mission?

Being revived (or exiting sharkwing) changes to your primary weapon regardless of what was selected before.

Sentinels map-respawning on their own cause rapid affinity gain from repeated "use" of regen.

Phorid's scream effect can get stuck on if he's killed with it activating.

Excavation enemy scaling on Phobos is too strong.

Entities without a proper respawn point respawn in the start tile of the map, breaks void sabotage.

Infested ignore Decoy in multiple situations.

The UI does not scale properly for resolutions with an x component less than 1280.

The first Kubrow imprint view can load with a corrupt model.

Vignette effect too strong when HDR and adaptive exposure are on in outside tiles.

Loki's Switch Teleport often doesn't move the target.

Nyx's Chaos Awards Affinity For Kills

Rampart projectiles are not affected by Zephyr's Turbulence.

Using 5 on an elevator can drop you back to the bottom at the end.


Enemies under the influence of Nyx's Mind Control take far less damage at the end than they'd take outside of it.

Players can be pulled out of extraction with Valkyr's Ripline ability.

Clan profile "Gross Income" stats roll over to negative.

Extractors are gathering unlisted materials.

The Maggot self-destructs in the codex.

The automatic formatting on the forums is horrible.

Basic Gene Masking Kit in the market lies about how many unique colors you get.

Void Mobile Defense terminals have incorrect activation text (using the lockdown string).

Foundry sparks lights on in-progress items render over the chat interface.
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Huzzah for Onorix Handle. Now if only the Onorix BLADE was a little easier to find. Especially since you need TWO of the darned things!


Also if Mirage's clones cannot deal damage from bullet jumps in Conclave... does that mean they can, in normal PvE play?!?

agreed!   but thanks for the fix

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hay un bug que al culminar la misión en la extracción la nave deja a uno y el juego queda allí, no se puede salir por nada al menos que le des alt+f4.


there is a bug that on completion of the mission in extracting the ship leaves one and the game is there, you can not go for anything unless you give alt + f4

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Poor DE return from holidays too fix the game ahahaah
so many broken things well steave sayed he was happy too still work in this game seams he have tons of work in front of him
saryin still crates massive fps drops

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Still no fix for Despair's positioning, Daikyu's quiver positioning; Greater Lenses being downgraded after applying a Forma; Focus causing being unable to use melee, block or roll; Nezha's Noble idle aimation holding single pistol weapons incorrectly.

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FIX KUBROWS IMPRINTS PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!! i can't sell the imprints because the colours are almost IMPOSSIBLE to understand, are ALL white or too bright :(

and even if go to see your Kubrow in stasis they are so orrible

IvxCHC6.jpg Tanina HAVE a fur like a camouflage suit so DARK Green and various shades of green...WHAT IS THIS WHITE?!


is like if they are made of plastic

It's a bit hard to explain this problem with screenshots but you can see it with your eyes with your kubrows, try it 

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There is a graphical glitch with the Sydon when it is holstered:




The one side of the wiring is distorted but it is fine when actually using the weapon (quick melee and switching to melee).




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