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Non-Ps4 Realated Weapon Question


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I need opinions

Lex v. Lato Vandal


Which is a better pocket-sniper? Better overall gun (Versatility)?


I ask the first question because I hear Lex talked about as pistol-sniper supreme, but I'm sitting on one end of the gorge/river/valley (whatever it is, its got snow and its a narrower, longer area) with my vandal picking moa off from what seems like an absurd distance for a handgun. I used to own a Lex (then I reset D:), and I don't recall getting that kind of range


The second question is to make a decision on which to focus my efforts on. Eventually I'll have both, but I want to maximize killing potential when I'm making my runs, y'know?


Assume that I'm just playing through, not farming anything.

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lato is my general gun of choice. it still sits as my most used pistol.

you cant get much better than that when it comes to mid-range in terms of damage, range, flexibility.

the lex is more specialized and serves its "pocket-sniper" name well. what it has over the lato is that its stopping power at range is better. its not that you cant kill things at range with the lato, its that it does it better. it takes less shots and will wipe a group at range faster than a lato so long as you are accurate and good at headshots.

the lex is still great at mid range as well. close/melee range and you start to suffer from not being able to get clear headshots on the move and the reload time and small clip size become a problem. problems the lato clearly doesnt have.

the lato you can use with anything, while the lex is good to have when your other wep has good synergy with it. shotguns come to mind.

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Since you start with the Lato Vandel, focus the Lato Vandel until you max it out. As you approach level 30 start building your Lex. Since you expect to be using both anyways this is the optimal Mastery path. Plus you will have a good long run on the Lato Vandel to compare your run on the Lex to.

I personally don't like the Lex much, but I also don't like the Strunt. Some weapons work better for different people, which is good.

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