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Level 30 Ash - No Skills Cards In Any Menu/tab Of The Game - Help Pls


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I started playing way back, paid for my ash warframe as my starter warframe. Got him to 30 and took a break from the game for a while, and jumped back on around patch 7 i think. I found that i had no skills, search through all of the possible tabs/menus in the game to check. No skills, and yes i have checked my warframe tab, thats the usual suggestion.

From what ive read you can find skills randomly on maps, but if you paid for a frame, you get all your skills instantly. I paid for my ash, and i have no skills, and have ran at least 30 missions and havent found 1. 

Am i supposed to have to restart after patch 7/8 and get my skills again? or whats the deal?

Please help, currently have nothing to do in the game but attempt to grind for a new frame with no skills. 

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You should put in a support ticket. There were changes so that no matter what you'll have your skill mods in your inventory. They can help you restore them so you're not at the mercy of finding them one by one. Good luck!

Thats the thing type of stuff i keep seeing everywhere that this shouldnt be happening OR that support ticket will help. 

I submitted a ticket 5 days ago, and another 1 day ago in a different category because i wasnt sure which applied to my issue better. Still no response on either, and it still says "Awaiting assignment to support agent". 

5 day or longer normal? i submitted a ticket a few months ago for this and never got a response either. I know with the dojo issues and ect, they probably have a ton of tickets coming in, but im still running around wasting time on a 30 frame with no skills. I was really hoping to jump back into the game and be able to enjoy the Paris/Kunai/Orthos on my Ash with skills. 

Instead i only have shuriken, cant stealth or be overly ninja like without his other skills.

Currently : Since my post of the ticket 5 days ago, ive gathered - At the VERY LEAST 2 skills for every other frame, aside from Vauban. And ive found at LEAST 5 or 6 more shuriken.

Id really like to have my skills for at least a small bit of time before all my new weapons reach 30. Paris and Kunai are already 20

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