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Credits, And Some More.. And There Some... That Gives... 9 At Total.


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Whenever I open container I got a boom of animation: credit packs drop out, and after I collect them is showes up that there were like 30 or 40 credits total. I mentioned that there are bundles that are colored green and they give 100 Credits. How much you must be gathering them to get 2k credits? You get 3k for 4min run on Merkury Boss. Why not remove smaller credit packs and increase drop rate for bigger packs?
-Easier finding credits -you will mention that credits are on the ground, when there are fewer of them you can slightly increase their size?

-Lesser lags - Not so many animations

-Easier checking log below (when you pick something than its writen in log below , but by now when i open container i can only read : credits 6 *blink* shootg... *blink* credi... *blink* riffle amm..*blink* credits 24 - So i dont know how much i rly picked up

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