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Hotfix 18.2.2


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  • Added support for selecting full-screen refresh-rate.
  • Made several optimizations to in-game Voice Chat volume output.
  • Adjusted the minimap markers in Exterminate Missions to more accurately track slow NPCs.


Exterminate Changes / Fixes


Please note these are some of  the major in-progress fixes that are ready for deployment. We will continue to audit the issue with your constructive help and reports. Ultimately it is unlikely that mass-clump spawns will be restored, but we're working on making Exterminate Missions have a challenging pace.


  • Fixed an issue causing enemies to be teleported into terrain as players progressed mid-Mission.
  • Fixed some enemy spawn points causing enemies to appear into terrain or above the level floor.
  • Fixed NPCs taking cover behind inaccessible rooms or closed doors, becoming impossible to hit or aid.
  • Enemies lagging too far behind in a Mission when a Mission Objective Change to Exterminate will automatically be removed to eliminate mandatory backtracking.




  • Fixed several small performance problems that could build up during long missions.
  • Fixed several issues that prevented large multi-monitor setups from working properly. This one's for you, https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/3xtqdi/took_me_about_a_year_to_have_warframe_run_on_5x1/
  • Fixed 21:9 support in native full-screen modes.
  • Fixed windows getting stuck over Warframe after returning from full-screen in DirectX 11.
  • Fixed volume not changing if you move the slider before testing.
  • Fixed Ivara’s Quiver getting stuck on a single arrow type if the player activated the ability using their ‘Use Selected Power’ hotkey while Navigator was active.
  • Fixed the Hyena Pack, Tyl Regor, Vay Hek and Infested Alad V not properly giving Death Marks to players.
  • Fixed the Ignis model not looking properly when the weapon is stolen from the Drahk Master and placed on the ground.
  • Fixed enemies being alerted by the Talon’s throwing animation.
  • Fixed an error allowing Valkyr to pull player out of the extraction area as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/575698-valkyrs-rip-line-pulls-players-out-of-extraction-area/
  • Fixed an issue where ranking up some melee weapons could cause all challenge progress to become reset.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from seeing each other when zoning into a Relay.
  • Fixed trade icons in Maroo’s Bazaar showing as a white box.
  • Fixed an error preventing players from trading Syndicate weapons due to a non-existent XP lock.
  • Fixed NPCs taking cover behind hidden or locked rooms.
  • Fixed an error allowing players to clip through walls when in Archwing Missions.
  • Fixed Nova’s abilities being able to kill Alad V during his intro cinematic.
  • Fixed some contact-delay issues that would occur when some projectiles.
  • Fixed a performance issue caused by improper audio FX settings.
  • Fixed an error causing modular Corpus enemies to spawn in Infested Sortie Missions.
  • Fixed an issue with extreme game freezes for large friends list when trying to send gifts. 
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I can deal with not having everything teleport to the end when I rush there in an exterminate mission (it really shouldn't do that anyway), but can we at least fix enemy spawns so that once you clear a room, they don't spawn there again?  I'm getting tired of clearing everything all the way to the exit, then having to backtrack halfway (or more) through the mission just to get one enemy who didn't decide to spawn for some stupid reason.

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  • Enemies lagging too far behind in a Mission when a Mission Objective Change to Exterminate will automatically be removed to eliminate mandatory backtracking.



Yeah that was one of the most annoying things about Ext. Never wanted to do them because of it.

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Did they fix the whole thing with talons taking over both of your weapons ammo capacities? Everytime i used them with a Bow of any kind i only have 20 shots split between the both of them..... or is that just how they are suppose to work.... 

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For 2016, I wish that when DE resolves issues resulting from players finding a workaround/exploit/super-efficient-playstyle it doesn't end up hurting non-exploiters' gameplay.  Defenses are lamely slow (due to exploits/whatevers).  Survival is not quite as hectic (or fun) as it used to be (unknown as to why).  And then the pre-Holiday Exterminate changes (which won't actually be reverted to their previous, more fun iteration).


At any rate, thank you for the fixes and the frequent updates and hotfixes.

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