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[Suggestion] New Corpus Boss


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This may be a new boss, or a complete remake of one of the existing ones (ambulas, for instance, is too weak).


A big Tank-type boss with quite a lot of hit-points.

Moves very slowly, has a lot of guns, rocket and grenade launchers, deals a lot of damage.

The area where you fight has a lot of boxes for you to take cover.


Now the fun part:

1) the boss has a Snow-Globe-like shield that cannot be penetrated by any ranged weapons.

2) when you enter the globe, he pushes you back with a stomp. You may be able to deal some damage, but too little.

3) there are several difficult security terminals in the arena. When you hack one of them, the globe temporarily vanishes letting you shoot.

4) however, this also unlocks several doors and a lot of corpus forces enter the area, effectively distracting you from focusing the boss down.


While that may or may not be challenging enough for some players, im sure such a bossfight would be a lot of fun.

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I don't know about the 'Tank' idea (Do you mean having alot of Hit points and armour, or literally chugging along on treads? The latter seems a bit primitive considering the Corpus), but the weapons and 'snowglobe' ability... 



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