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Lynxcali's Feedback/suggestion Thread


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Hey everyone, just going to post some bugs, glitches, and suggestions here that I think should be looked at !



1. In the Ambulas fight, if you go on the roof of the building, Ambulas gets stuck next to the stairs and is free game to kill.

2. Some area's I have come across have a lighting bug where it flashes, kind of similiar to Stalker's flash.

3. The obvious Crowd Dispersion not working since update 7.0

4. Elevator Doors sending us out of the map.

5. Fixing the doors in The Void, as they seem to knock us off the map quite often !



1. Clean up the mod interface greatly by stacking mods ontop of eachother.

2. Allowing a /stuck option for when we are thrown out of map. I would suggest a force death on player but it would cost a revive which is unfair as its not our fault it happened.

3. Reducing rush cost over time, for example if you are 50% done building an item, the cost should be reduced by 50%. Correspondance.

4. Do something more with credits! This is a BIG one. I have 600,000 credits lying around for nothing. There is only x amount of blueprints and weapons available for purchase with credits, therefore after getting all them, credits are useless and only used in fusion. Add some skins for purchase with credits, or just something new.

5. A hud for our sentinel's health and shields, as it seems the only way to see our sentinel's current HP/shields is by looking at them.



These are just a few of my thoughts for now but I will be updating this as I learn more ! 

If this thread is closed due to inactivity I will probably repost it if I find more things to be added.


Thanks for reading guys, feel free to contribute to the list, or give feedback on what is on it. Happy hunting ! (:

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