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Devstream #66 Overview


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Leyou Acquisition

• There should be no reason to worry

• It will bring a degree of stability to the game in terms of resources

• There will be more content on par with The Second Dream due to these resources


Nezha on consoles

• Thought it'd be this week, but it got pushed back - will likely be submitted on Jan 21



• The plan is to introduce a Token System

• You will obtain Tokens from each individual Sortie mission, with more Tokens from the second and even more from the third

• You will trade these Tokens to an NPC - possibly Maroo - for Sortie rewards that require building

• Some rewards - such as the Fusion Core packs - will still be obtained just for completing Sorties

• Endless Sortie missions might be compressed a bit so they won't be as long

• Sortie Defense might be changed to have an NPC defense point rather than the pod - the Grineer Bailiff from the old Tac Alert



• Hopefully will launch next week

• Unique idle stance and deflecting animations shown

• Click
to see Rebecca pre-view the rapier



• Player Kavats slated for U19

• Enemy Kavats will be some time before

• Kavat cosmetics shown



Lighting Updates

• There are various lighting/shader updates that remove some of the blocky ugliness introduced by PBR textures



Other Stuff

• List of conventions in 2016 to be attended by the devs - including TennoCon in London Ontario, in July!

• Quanta Aufeis Skin will be updated to work with Quanta Vandal

• The Design Council is currently developing the new Archwing: support/healer type

• Next Deluxe Skin is Trinity - Banshee Deluxe Skin is not coming "for a while"

• There will probably be 2 or 3 Quests in 2016 on the level of Second Dream

• Still working on Quest re-playability

•  There's a new randomize button coming to the arsenal that randomizes colours, attachments, sigils - and a separate Randomize Loadout button that also randomly selects weapons and Warframes

• World Expansion will be a big focus of 2016 - more NPC's, livlier Relays, more lore



---------------------SECOND DREAM SPOILERS-----------------------------


Focus System

• Focus points will be accrued with shared XP

• There will be Focus booster items dropped by enemies like regular loot that give a small timed boost to Focus Gains

• Carrier will not Vacuum these Focus Boosters 

• The 75k daily cap on points might be loosened later, possibly increased

• In terms of balance between the schools of Focus, there will be many changes later to the less popular choices

• The system was rushed out because of how it was attached to The Quest - the devs are aware of how rough it is, and the concerns players have



• There are more Operator customizations coming


Second Dream Quest Development

•  The NPC introduced in the voices - Ballas - will probably be significant to future lore developments, possibly related to the origin of Prime Warframes

• Click
to hear Steve talk about some of the development behind The Second Dream

• Click
to see some Second Dream bugs


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