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Some Future Bossfight Ideas


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Currently all our Bosses are like...run in, shoot until he is dead.

Lech Krill is different now.


But im missing something...

We have ninjalike skills, wallrun, slides, all the cool stuff...why not using it?

so, here are some ideas for bosses i would realy like to see.


AI Core (Corpus)

Its just a huge circular room, in the center there is a massive AI Core.

It cant move like jackal, it cant attack you, its just there, and you need to destroy it.

sounds easy? nope.

As soon as you enter the room he "awakens"

the floor that was made out of a forcefield collapses, lets you fall even deeper into a pit.

down there is a parkour course, with that you can climb up again.

once you are on top of it again, you can hack some consoles to disable the shielding and reassamble the floor.

if a player is "stuck" under the floor when he reassambles, the player can use an levitator to reach the mainstage again. it wont affect players inside the room, it will jsut push the "missing player" through the forcefield-floor.

second phase: the AI core assembles Turrets and Enemys, only Moas and Drones.

you need to destroy some spots on the Core to destroy his armor.

once they are down he starts phase 3.

Lasers will spin through the room (like the Orokin lasers), you need to jump, slide and wallrun to avoid them, while you shoot the maincore now. it has not much HP, he should drop realy fast.

Can drop a new Frame.


Elite-Squad (Grineer)

a Squad of 4 Elite Grineer equipped with prototype Weapons.

Orokin stuff that we dont wnat them to use. prototype exosuits and weapons for example.

- One of them is equipped with a heavy mashinegun, not the "small" gorgon, something like a big minigun. he is the "tank" high shields, armor etc, but very slow movement. weakpoint on his back.

- The second is equipped with a short-range energy shotgun, he is the Stormer, uses something like Rhinos skill to reach close range. He is very fast but weak armored with a heavy shield and low HP.

- The third is the healer. equipped with a gun that cant deal damage, just heal his squad. also he can throw "grenades" like toxic, fire or other things. he is very weak in armor, shield and health.

- The fourth is the Combat Engineer. He is the Troll-Guy. Equipped with an energy-hook to suck away your shield (dodge to remove). he will throw shield bubbles to protect everyone and deploy weak turrets (onehit kill stuff).

If the last one dies he can drop one random weapon:

- Minigun (High RoF, Slows you, low damage)

- Energy Shotgun (Ignores Shield, disintegrate target on kill like vaporize, lower projectile damage compared to other shotguns)

- Healing Gun (secondary, does not deal damage but can heal the target slowly, i mean realy slowly, no use for Solo)

- Energy-Hook (secondary, same effect, suck away the enemy shield, good for supporting in bossfights, no use for Solo)


Biomass (Infested)

Completely Invulnerable. No direct attacks. acts like a Gelatinous Cube from D&D (maybe a way smaller, vulnerable version of him could be added as a normal enemy...mhhh)

He tries to walk to you and suck you into his "body"

you need to dodge, jump and everything to get out of him (like the freeze-plates in the orokin void)

explosive barrels fall into the room, you need to lure him over them to make him eat them, he will take damage from them. also to make it harder some of the smaller infested enemys will drop down.

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Glados was not realy complex, just redirect some rockets at her and throw her cores into fire.

no, not realy similar.

the ide i had was simply:

Phase 1 - Parkour, Hacking

Phase 2 - Survive, Destroy

Phase 3 - Dodge, Kill

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Sounds Great ^^.

Another Idea Id like to see.


A moving Boss that moves along a rail or something and you must defeat it befor it hits the end of the rail.

Something like an android .

The Problem is you get Obstacles in your way so its difficult to folow and shoot the Boss.

Also ther might be some off thes nasty Balls thrown at you to stop your movement if you can't dodge the balls.

1. Kill the shield or trigger mechanisms on the way that erase the shild.

2. Kill The android in time


(.....3. Kill it Kill it with Fire ;D  )


something like that qould be cool to I think

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