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A Zephyr Helmet (Concept/brainstorming Stage)

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Ninja'd, I've seen you're already working, oh well.


digging 4 and 5! go with what you feel inspired for though.

I'm not discarding the first iterations entirely, I do have a couple of ideas based on them, the question now is which will come first. 

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Because Zephyr's helmets always had a strong profile silhouette I figured I'd start with side views and go from there.

Any feedback is appreciated. Let me know what you think!

I like #5 with #4's danglies. It looks aerodynamic, and the sugatra at the back just may be the only thing it's missing.

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I liked the idea Oranji had earlier about adding some little tuft-inspired bits off the sides, though I'd go more streamlined than the image example. I think it would work especially well with the concept you've sculpted up and would push her more into the "whoah streamlined space-jetbird" category.

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only consensus I see here is that #1 and #6 are the least popular ones and all of the designs are too similar to S#&$

I tried concepting straight in zbrush and, bearing in mind the criticisms, ended up with... something.




Helmet in picture, Is a little too plain for my taste...And also resembles mesa's helmet except for the feather things onback of it...PLZ just go with concept 3# or #5 so I can give you my money. I read a all posts and it seems like A safe bet to go with either of these to. Edited by SaucyTuckermax
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