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Syandana Yomo Midas [Now On Workshop]

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I recently find an old of my concepts, Yomo prime and Sugatra. And I decided to make it and post in Tennogen.
I started the work yesterday.

The draw I find:


I finished the work and it's now on Steam workshop.
Steam workshop link : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=606116162&searchtext=

 More Details



Update 3 [01/21/15]

I added the hologram and work a bit on AO to make gold more realist

Update 2 [01/13/15]

I finished the mesh and I'm working on normal map

The normal map in progress

First update


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Wow absolutely love this concept. I love the Misa Prime's asthetic and ever since the Ember PA, there hasn't been another syandana that looks just as good imo. However this has the potential to be another amazing syandana I like. Would live to see how it turns out.

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change the name to not include prime, as DE will most likely not accept it as "prime" is how they make their lunch monies 



Pretty confident they at one point specifically said not to make "primes" especially of existing items.



Love the idea, but I'd recommend changing the name. Wouldn't wanna risk it being rejected simply because they might end up holding the whole 'prime' thing for their own content.

They will not accept anything with the "Prime" name to it. It's recommended you change to avoid unfair disqualification.

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Tanks for feedback, I will think about a better name to replace "Prime" (If you can help me, it could be really nice because I'm not good to find good names :c )

I initialy worked on this syandana (the draw) for a concept of Mag prime access with visual rework and her own prime accessories (Yomo prime because Yomo is her syandana). Before Prime Vault release. I give up the work after saw Frost prime without change and new accessories.

But, when I see Tennogen, I think it's an opportunity to share my work. I wanted to just work on this without consider the constraint of Tennogen about prime. I think I just will change the name and metal color to look less prime.

I also give some new about my work:


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Neat concept. However.. The gold is throwing me off. It doesn't look good. Rather, it doesn't look like it's meant for Warframe. Now, believe me, this isn't a bad thing, but it looks like it's meant for a Metroid Prime game. Slightly too low poly. It looks more like a rough work, to me, honestly. I do like the idea, and it mostly looks good, but... eh. I hope to see it improved upon~

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