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Skeiron - Zephyr Skin [Wip]

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4 minutes ago, novabjorn said:


I can't tell if there's any visible lighting on that, as it's constantly in motion, the quality isn't any good, and it's colored white.

I tried turning on literally every graphics option, and setting everything to High, still looks the same


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14 minutes ago, novabjorn said:



That looks like the other one, actually.

8 minutes ago, novabjorn said:

Just checked in-game on mine.


Can't tell if there's much reflected light. In fact, it looks evenly lit with no highlights.

Honestly, it almost looks like a plasticine sculpture and clearly different from your preview images. Seems like a bug IMO tho I'm not sure.

*sigh* the Tennogen viewer definitely needs some work in terms of its lighting

Actually, could you show what your roughness map looks like?

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@Cyborg-Rox That is definitely bugged, please report that so that it gets fixed.


@Artarrwen It definitely turned out more matte than I wanted it to be. I can post up my roughness map this evening, but the lighting in my image isn't bugged, it just looked more glossy in the tennogen viewer than it does here in game.

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44 minutes ago, Zoracraft said:

Nice job getting your skin in NovaBjorn :D

Do my eyes deceive me, or are the wings energy colored on your skin?


It looks amazing nonetheless. Excellent work.

Decieved you they have, that's just the reflection in the metal blades of the wings. And thanks!

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