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Concept: Learning Weapon Stances (Details & Mockups)

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[size=6]- Intro[/size]
DE has stated they recognize the problems that stances dropping as mods from enemies causes, and is looking into different ways of acquiring them to avoid this.  This is a proposed solution to the problem that is intended to help make it feel more like actual training with a melee weapon, without requiring a bunch of unique/individual work on every stance mod.

In the proposed system, stances will be called "styles", they'll be dropdown options in the weapon modding screen.  Players can unlock the ability to use a "style" by completing basic combat tasks with the melee weapon (in full melee mode).  After a "style" is unlocked, players can upgrade it by repeatedly using combos in it.

This should hopefully get rid of mods as drops/items, while still allowing players to work towards unlocking specific stances/styles.

[size=6]- Overview[/size]
Let's say I grabbed a Bo, and I've never used a staff weapon before.  In the modding screen I see there's two styles available for it in the dropdown menu.  One is silver tier and the other is gold tier.

I can select a style, but they don't do anything yet as I haven't learned them.  If I choose Flailing Branch, the button to show information on the style shows up (it's the Combos button currently).

Clicking the button lets me see the details on a style, in this case the unlock requirements (since I haven't learned this style yet).

Difference styles should require different "difficulties" of unlocking methods, though all of them should be attainable and progress-based.  Common styles might require something simple, like "hit an enemy 25 times in melee mode".  Uncommons and rares might need more, like "get 15 melee stealth kills" or "get 25 air kills" depending on the rarity/style.  All of these requirements should be done with that specific category of melee weapon equipped and out in full melee mode.

Once you have the style learned you have the first combo avaible and can see how much you need to practice to learn the other combos.

Practicing a style is done by using any of the first (2/3/4) main combos successfully (the combo must deal more than 0 damage to an enemy at some point and must complete).  Lots of people complain about the timings on the "combos" that need pausing and/or holding, so allowing people to just use the basic combo would proably be appreciated.

[size=6]- Points[/size]
Should "styles" continue to give points like stances currently do?

  • A - Keep the points because builds may depend on it, and thematically learning a weapon type should give points because affinity with a weapon gives points via ranking normally anyways.  This is a way that familiarity with a style of weapon will help when going to another weapon of that style (like a new programming language is much easier after learning a similar one).
  • B - Don't keep the points, 'cause melee weapons don't really need it due to cheaper mods.  Using Forma on melee weapons is less common, stances make it pretty rare nowadays.  Replace the additional points with a separate bonus like an additional damage increase depending on how far the stance is ranked up, or a higher ranked style allowing you to raise the damage cap on the (pretty lackluster) melee combo counter system.

[size=6]- Transitioning[/size]
Should existing stance mods be converted to the new system or simply swapped out for fusion cores*?
[size=1]*(duplicates will be converted to cores anyways)[/size]

  • A - Convert all stance mod progress/ranks to the new system.  Existing players won't have many experiences available to see the new unlock system rank stuff up until new stances are released, but it's less work on players since they don't have to re-learn stuff they already ranked.
  • B - Swap everything for fusion cores, everybody needs to re-gain their combos and such.  Players get a bit more fusion cores and the capability to complete little mini-challenges and unlocks with their existing gear

[size=6]- Input[/size]
As far as points and transitioning is concerned, what are your opinions?

For points I vote for option B personally.  As useful as the extra points are, I'd like some other sort of bonus that feels more like ranking up a melee weapon should.

As far as transitioning stance mod cards to this system, I think in this case (like when they made the new tutorial), it should be an option for existing players whether to keep progress or sacrifice it.

And for the actions needed to learn a stance and/or rank it up, do you have any suggestions on basic melee tasks to be practiced?  Preferably a small little pool of tasks to be sprinkled around, since there's far too many stance mods to have unique tasks for each.

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I've been thinking about this since stances came out just didnt think of a system good enough. OP you have something nice here..


As for the extra points you get in modding I suggest those are awarded with unlocking stances. The rarer the stance the higher the requirements right?


Anywho I'm all up for this kind of system.

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I like it but I sure hope that there's some kind of bonus upon executing a new stance move... Unlocking through progression is something I like, but it would be a shame if the only thing it unlocked was "Flashy moves".

Well that is something all of the current combos need a look at anyway

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Also, maybe have the Tenno USE Teshin as a teacher/trainer and have either conclave speed up this mode of increasing the mod rank or have Teshin use a training mode/room like the simulacrum to help you train for that weapon in idea situations with its own challenges.


(Get 3 stealth kills on a charger in a row [oh many people have even SEEN that move?])




]\'[okuto Bunshi


Peace out.

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This is nice. I'm all for this.


For the points, I will go with A because it is something we are just used to. If anything, more mod space is simply a blessing for those who don't want to Forma their equipment any more than they have to. 


For the transition, I will go A again, because some of us tried rather hard to farm some of the more rare stances. While we can earn them back faster than we could farm it, this would simply let us know that our hard work was not in vain; cores cannot compensate for some stances (like Vengeful Revenant, unless they give us legendary cores, but that's doubtful). They can also give us an option to choose either upon login though.


A simple way to earn "melee exp" would be to simply use existing combos to kill enemies repeatedly to unlock new combos, along with stealth kills and the like.

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