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Power Drift's Resist Knockdown Not Working


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When I put both Power Drift and Sure Footed, I felt as if I'm using only Sure Footed when I was playing.


So I decided to go to the Simulacrum with only Power Drift equipped, I should have a 30% chance to resist knockdowns, I spawned an A.Healler at level 1 and let him hit me.


10 minutes I stood there, keeping my distance so he would charge me or use the hook, I did not resist the knockdown once.


So I decided to kick this up a notch and spawned 20 level 1 A.Heallers and let them make me their punching bag.


Did not resist once.


I tested the "Increase Power Strenght" part, its working. But the "Resist Knockdown" is not.

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Considering that when Power Drift was first introduced it was actually listed as 30% knockdown recovery, not resist, I almost wonder if they changed the wording but not the usage.

Tested it just now. No difference from having it unequipped.

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