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Building Warframe: Rubico And Sniper Hud Rework

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I am gonna chime in here (even though I have yet to try out the vectis prime) but after using the vectis being someone whos main weapon is bows(blades= clean kills). Snipers still need a lot of work. I know that must sound bad after you devs worked so long on just this update, but yes, they still need work.


]\'[okuto Bunshi


Peace out.

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After reading the article and looking at it all it looks very promising though I do want to point some things out.

The game is yes primarily close quarters and very fast paced with not a lot of slow time while in action. Things still need improvements as with many other things in life as time goes along. Below is a possible idea for any future additions to sniper rifles.

The beauty of a Sniper rifle and with guns in general is the ability to add secondary and tertiary attachments and items that add to the aesthetic and preference of its owner. Changing the colors of the weapon is one. It gives the weapon a unique identity to the owner on top of a character given by the owner as a whole. This applies not only to weapons but to almost anything we as human beings possess, pets, clothes, cars, furniture, hair, etc...etc.

Now coming back from a slight tangent, What can we do with the weapons of Warframe. we have skins and the ability to change the colors of said weapons, with almost everything else on Warframe.

What I propose as an addition if this wasn't thought of already is the ability to interchange the lens of the scope. of course each would be perfectly usable but as I stated above it gives the option of preference.

"Hey I really like the Vectis Prime but I absolutely adore the lens of the Snipetron." can come into mind. Since the game is primarily in third person and the sniper rifles are mostly the main source of a first person view that is mobile, I believe this could be doable if provided the logic makes sense.

My view on an implementation of this:

Standard lenses come with each sniper rifle, Vectis Prime comes with its own unique lens, (this actually might expand and become more work for you guys)
You like the snipetron lens. Can be implemented a few different ways to reach this goal.

1) Sniper rifle is of market origin, lens blueprint can be purchased through the market with credits and requires material to craft and time to build. once said lens is built, applicable to all sniper rifles except the original rifle

2)Rifle is of non-market origins. lens blueprint can be farmed for and requires a component of original weapon to craft the lens (most likely the receiver) (idea will not work for all non-market weapons)

3) lens is completely unique and can be farmed via -insert mission here-, and/or from Baros ki'teer, and/or from Sortie mission seasonal reward and/or from market.

This can give a much more unique characteristic to your rifle, ONTOP of the certain people having medical related issues such as headaches from certain ways things are set up on one lens so they use another one that doesnt give them a headache. I'll probably expand on this topic as its own post and see the opinions of the community at a time where time isn't constraint.

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