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Explosion Particles Showing Whole Sheet On Some Units.


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When destroying both the Infested Osprey and Grineer Heavy Gunner I notice that the particles came out as what looks to be the whole particle sprite sheet instead of picking one.

Occurs on any enemy death that uses the same asset.



Heavy Gunners



Osprey dust


Heavy Gunner dust (And a kubrow howl, but disregard the purple particles)


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true true. happens practically on any explosion. the sentinel death too. i was fiddling and tinkering with the settings but to no avail so it sure is mapping issue....was scared there for a while wondering if my gpu is nearing it's end :D

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Sentinel death too eh? I use my Kubrow too much and I never noticed, I'll add it to the list.


as you said it. anything that explodes practically. latchers, rollers, sentinels...i think helion backpacks too (not sure with that one).

well i got used to it now so no biggie :D

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