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Anhdangerous's Frost Helmet [Wip]

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you understand this is a deluxe skin for frost. you will see it after banshee and zepher.


That wasn't confirmed as a deluxe skin for frost. 

no, I believe that artwork is in fact completely unrelated to Warframe besides some visual nods here and there.

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So this is how it is so far! I've been a bit busy lately so I just put in a bit more detail. I think for now I'm just going to start making the low poly and see how things go from there. Hopefully once I get to texturing it will be more clear that it's not Oberon. 




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You mean like a frontal facing horn? I feel that would look a bit similar to his default helm. Plus, the direction of the helmet is sweeping to the back, a sudden horn in the front may or may not make the feel of the helmet become more abrupt, or as you say busier. Unless he makes it a very small horn.

Ehh, kinda like Ultraman's horn. In other words, a back-facing one.

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