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Redeemer More Broken Than Ever

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I assume you removed second charge attack for Redeemer as temporary solution for shot spam abuse?


Geoff's explanation why swing before charge is a good idea is not valid.


As much as I respect and like his work, this makes little sense, what "lesser of two EVILS" is he talking about?


*We have SEEN and PLAYED well functioning thrown weapons and gunblade. Why it's so difficult to understand we want them to work well?*


There's plenty of buttons to assign for charge attack, it can be "reload" button for joypads!



Shooting off-center when running or crouching is still unfixed:




Please remove swing before charge for redeemer and thrown weapons, it makes no sense. 


Tiny delay for first attack is *perfectly fine* as long I don't have to do the pointless move before charge.



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