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Hotfix 18.4.1: Operation Shadow Debt.

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Hotfix 18.4.1


OPERATION: Shadow Debt begins at 4 p.m EST!


Alad V has returned, hunted by the Acolytes of Stalker for his crime of aiding the Lotus.  True to their word the Tenno will repay their debt to their unsteady ally, tracking down these assassins across the Solar System before they have a chance to reach their mark.


Raid Corpus and Grineer facilities to find information that will help uncover the Stalker's elusive Acolytes.  Join your fellow Tenno in the hunt and put a stop to the Stalker's plans!


To learn more how to participate in this event, please view our dedicated Event thread here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/600012-operation-shadow-debt-begins-at-4-pm-est/


Conclave Changes


  • Increased the damage of the MK1-Bo in Conclave.
  • Decreased the damage of the Tonbo in Conclave.
  • Increased the damage of staff stances in Conclave.



Warframe Changes




  • Fixed the Karak Wraith Barrel improperly being named as the Strun Wraith Barrel.
  • Fixed improper visual FX occuring on enemy deaths as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/598127-explosion-particles-showing-whole-sheet-on-some-units
  • Fixed Ivara’s Cloak Arrow not attaching properly to its targets as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/577317-cloak-arrow-bug/
  • Fixed several areas in the J-3 Jordas Golem Trial’s third phase where players could exit the tileset through holes in the terrain.
  • Fixed a door frame that was missing in Orokin Survival tilesets.
  • Fixed the positioning of Landing Craft in extraction to help reduce the clipping of various Landing Crafts.
  • Fixed Chroma's Vex Armor not properly functioning against high level Infested Nanite clouds.
  • Fixed Nezha’s Blazing Chakram Ability not properly healing the player in Conclave’s Annihilation.  
  • Fixed an additional ‘00’ appearing in Ivara’s custom arrow HUD in Conclave.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies were able to spawn inside the Defense Cryopod
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so kind of like when Stalker was hunting Dravo, but with Stalkers? o.0 ​For once I feel sorry fo Alad V

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Warframe Changes


  • Kills earned by Nekros' summoned Shadows of the Dead allies will now contribute to future casts of the ability.

Goodness gracious.


Now allow us to summon Eximi shadow units please.

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Thanks for the update guys, much appreciated.




Just something minor: Alad's event transmission has the wrong date. You may wanna set it to today if there's another hotfix in the pipeline:


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Progress-Stopping Bugs
Excavation enemies on Phobos deal 10x normal damage. [Report 2] [Report 3] [Report 4]
Derelict Vaults aren't giving out the reward proeprly. [Report 2]
Key-based defense missions have serious logic errors with leaving. [Report 2] [Report 3]
Old anti-leech systems that punish slow players are still triggering. [Report 2]
Reactor sabotage missioms can be rendered uncompletable by syndicate procs.
Entities without a proper respawn point respawn in the start tile of the map, breaks void sabotage.

Other Bugs
Warding Halo's status/absorb indicator is missing.
Weapons can stop working under specific situations [Report 2]
Phorid's scream effect can get stuck on if he's killed with it activating. [Report 2]
Radiation damage causes the mobile defense objective to become hostile.
Bullet Attractor doesn't pull in thrown weapons.
Prompt-based finisher attacks hit shields first.
Using 5 on an elevator can drop you back to the bottom at the end. [Report 2]
Enemy charge/combo damage values are backwards.
Power Drift's knockdown resistence chance isn't triggering.
A Remote Observer timing out during the hacking minigame changes the camera style.
Missions can accidentally be force-accepted, the system will think everybody voted yes when they didn't.
Dark Sector missions aren't displaying the weapon category bonus.
Mutalist Moas retain the Equinox Maim visual effect from the cabinet attached.
Being revived (or exiting sharkwing) changes to your primary weapon regardless of what was selected before.
Sentinels map-respawning on their own cause rapid affinity gain from repeated "use" of regen.
Infested ignore Decoy in multiple situations.
The UI does not scale properly for resolutions with an x component less than 1280.
Vignette effect too strong when HDR and adaptive exposure are on in outside tiles.
Loki's Switch Teleport often doesn't move the target.
Extractors are gathering unlisted materials.
Basic Gene Masking Kit in the market lies about how many unique colors you get.
Void Mobile Defense terminals have incorrect activation text (using the lockdown string).

Feedback / Changes
High Dynamic Range & adaptive Exposure Cause Inconsistencies
Learning Weapon Stances (Details & Example Images)

And last but not least, the automatic formatting on the forums is horrible.  There's a lot we could do in terms of posting in-depth, fancy threads if we didn't have to deal with it.

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Oh well, at least it isn't a Grineer guy this time, they already got plenty of stuff. :]


Let's see what you did, DE...

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