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Aoe Killing Targets That Should Be Invulnerable.

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AoE can be used to kill closed turrets (which isn't that bad) and sabotage targets before opening them. With the sabotage target this will lock the mission as the game is waiting for you to destroy all the tubes after you expose them but having some or all of them destroyed while it's closed makes it so that the game never sees all of them being destroyed.


I just had a Grineer sabotage mission lock on me as I went to the panel to open the core but a Bombard shot a rocket at me and destroyed some of the tubes before I opened it. After that the mission waited for me to destroy all 12 of them but I only got to shoot 9 or 10 of them. Same bug happens with Corpus sabotage.


Weapons with AoE, like Ignis, can be used to destroy these targets. Mods that give AoE to weapons also have that effect.

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