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Hotfix 18.4.6


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Operation: Shadow Debt Changes / Fixes


  • Fixed Alad V’s Defense Objective marker not properly sticking to him.
  • Fixed the global community message from Alad V not properly showing the correct date for accounts that had not already received the message.
  • Fixed Defense Missions not spawning enemies after a Host Migration after the Stalker has appeared.
  • Fixed the Misery Acolyte missing Mods from their drop table.
  • Players now have 5 seconds to collect loot from Misery before the Mission ends.


Conclave Changes


  • Scythe, Machete, Fist and Tonfa melee weapons and Stances have had their damage increased in Conclave.
  • Knock down on quick melee slams have been enabled for Fist weapons only in Conclave (2m radius).
  • Sonicor AoE radius increased in Conclave.
  • Simulor series AoE radius and damage increased in Conclave.
  • Mk1-Braton damage has been increased in Conclave.
  • Braton Prime damage has been decreased in Conclave.
  • Soma series damage has been decreased in Conclave.
  • Sybaris damage has been increased in Conclave.
  • Strun series damage has been increased in Conclave.




  • Added a ‘Stalker’ category to Codex enemies.
  • Reduced the amount of Stalker VO taunts that could play during a Mission down to 3.




  • Fixed incorrect names on Acolyte Noggles.
  • Fixed an issue with non-repeatable Sortie rewards not displaying a check if received. This was a visual bug only.
  • Fixed an issue preventing enemies from getting up properly after being put into a ragdoll state.
  • Fixed Mods staying expanded when highlighted on the End of Mission screen, instead of collapsing when no longer focused.
  • Fixed an issue with players since Update 14 starting their game with -1 Loadout Slot.  When players in this situation ranked up at MR 2, they 'paid' to get out of their -1 Loadout Slot and we've owed them ever since.  Players may now find themselves with 1 more Loadout Slot they didn't have before.
  • Fixed Sortie rewards not properly displaying the current season for Clients.
  • Fixed an error preventing multiple visual triggers on proc-based Mods/Arcanes.
  • Fixed Limbo’s Rift visual FX that display on a target improperly displaying on a stealthed Loki.
  • Fixed an issue with High Noon’s combos not properly completing.
  • Fixed an error with the Redeemer that will prevent melee attacks after unequipping then re-equipping the weapon in combat. A heads up that more Redeemer fixes are being hammered out and likely deployed this week. 
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EDIT: first???


EDIT EDIT: Yes , im first warfame live still incomplete though:


No changes on Mesa: 








Also support is slow atm . Is it still under a heavy load???

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