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Quality Of Life Ideas: Bleed Out, Knowing What Mods On What, Ect


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After 2 years of warframe and many hours of play, some minor problems are ever recurring and functions that don't seem to work at all.



Bleedout state: unable to move

Mods: No clear way to know if mods are on a weapon and what mod is on a sentinel




Bleed out: First problem on the list is the bleed out mechanic. When you are down you have the ability to move at a set speed for 20 seconds before death.


Problems: When you enter the down state you character has a high chance of unable to move for the 20 seconds. People say you are stuck on something, however there have been cases that even on a flat surface like Orokin void floors you character is unable to move at all.


Solution: The bleedout state could use some help. Priority: improving the movement system for characters being down. (being able to move a bit better, and improve the not getting stuck on a flat surface)


Optional: Mod enable to use primary weapon while down.




Mods: When you have a mod that is equipped on both a sentinel weapon and warframe weapon, the system informs you you have similar mods equipped and ask if it should auto correct.


Problems: even with this system in place there is no clear identification when a mod is on a sentinel weapon or warframe weapon. When i find myself equipping mods i have to go through a long process to make sure that i don't have a the same mod card on a sentinel weapon and a warframe weapon. You may say thats why the auto mod correct system is there, well sadly this isn't the case. The system may say it's auto correcting the mods however in multiple test it does not remove the mod from X, it mores likes ignores instead. (please note i do have duplicates of maxed out mods)


Solution: To improve this system, have the ability to mark a mod for warframe weapons and sentinel weapons. This will allow players with duplicate mods to have that ability to mark it for sentinel uses or weapon uses this will help out organize weapon builds.


Solution 2: (correct me if this system is in place) When a trying to install a mod that is on a sentinel to a weapon just inform the player that its currently on said weapon and not allow it to be equipped and have the option to keep it on or take it off.


Had to type this quickly to go to class, i await for the feedback and the good people of DE to take a look. i will be back at 9:00 PM EST to edit.


EDIT 1: 5 min before class had it the wrong forum area.

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