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Hotfix 18.4.7

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DESCRIPTION: Quantum badge and Rift Sigil color don´t match with warframe default color, only default color, if you change to another color, then will match.

Who: Warframe

What: Cosmetics

Where: Everywhere



 1. Equip any warframe

 2. Equit Quantum badge and Rift Sigil

 3. Clic in "DEFAULT COLOR" of the warframe

 4. The color of Quantum badge will change to green and Rift sigil to blue color


Example: Atlas default color its orange color, but the Quantum show green color and the Rift show blue color.



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hey, umm maybe your already on it but nikana prime and spira prime are in the codex. dont know if its a mistake or not but im not complaining.

Well, at least they didn't wait for a week after releasing them to finally add them to the codex?

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@DE_Adam Is the Staticor intended to have the same hand animation as throwing knives ?





Because it has and I don't know if it should have that or not because when you charge the gun the whole screen is blocked by the charge effect

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  • Improved frame rate consistency on certain systems.
  • Fixed objective markers not functioning properly in the Orokin Derelict tileset’s ‘fountain room’.
  • Fixed some enemies not being able to properly jump across gaps in the Orokin Derelict tileset.
  • Fixed an error that would cause Feral Kubrows to not properly spawn from Kubrow Dens after a player has joined mid-mission.
  • Fixed an error that would cause melee swing animations to rapidly repeat after switching to a melee weapon while air-slashing.
  • Fixed an issue preventing an automatic switch back to the originally equipped weapon when having a Power Cell consumed by an Extractor as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/589934-geeez-de-if-youre-going-to-limit-to-primaries-on-excavation-re-equip-after-dropping-power/
  • Fixed auto-parry Mods causing the Warframe to parry while holding the Operator during the final stage of the Second Dream Quest.
  • Fixed Drahk Masters not properly being able to disarm players.
  • Fixed Excalibur’s Radial Blind animation improperly looping if interrupted by a knockdown, execution, Slash Dash, or Radial Javelin as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/485127-radial-blind-bug/
  • Fixed enemies under the influence of Nyx’s Mind Control taking less damage at the end then they would take outside of it, as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/345656-mind-controlled-enemies-take-less-damage-at-the-end/
  • Fixed the MK1-Kunai alerting enemies instead of being Silent.
  • Fixed the Stug displaying the incorrect trigger type in the Arsenal as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/568459-u18-bug-report-megathread/page-36#entry6699873
  • Fixed a bug where the Power Drift Mod was not working as intended as per:  https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/596954-power-drifts-resist-knowckdown-not-working/
  • Fixed Banshee’s Sound Quake audio FX still playing after a Host Migration occurs.
  • Fixed Limbo being able to attack enemies with the Simulor while within the Rift.
  • Fixed an area where players can go out of bounds on the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed enemies killed via freezing entering a T-pose on death.
  • Fixed Saryn’s Orphid Skin not properly displaying in the Conclave lobby diorama.
  • Fixed an error in Wyrmius’ loading screen causing an oversized Liset to appear instead of a Wyrm.
  • Fixed the Commanding Words Focus Ability not properly displaying an aura around the Operator when active.
  • Fixed Interception ring visual FX showing as below the ground or underneath terrain on the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset.
  • Fixed players being unable to use their thrown melee weapons from ziplines.
  • Fixed desert skates not properly shooting at enemy NPCs or players.
  • Fixed objective markers not properly pointing down the vertical shaft at the start of some Missions on the Grineer Settlement tileset.
  • Fixed an improper trigger finger animation appearing on players with the Sonicor equipped, but not in use.
  • Fixed electrified water during the second phase of the Lephantis fight damaging Limbo while in The Rift.
  • Fixed a potential issue causing pickups to become stuck to the Carrier Sentinel as a Host.
  • Fixed Loki’s Decoy doing being able to do excessive damage when disarmed in a Clan Dojo, when two Loki’s are dueling.
  • Fixed players being able to play Missions that were previously locked by selecting the Mission ‘underneath’ the Sortie option on the Star Chart.
  • Fixed an issue causing crouch, slide and other hip fire animation poses to quickly switch sides when firing.
  • Fixed an issue with some projectile FX not functioning properly on NPC death.
  • Fixed the Aseron Sekhara Nightmare Badge not properly flipping directions on either shoulder.
  • Fixed Radial Javelin not functioning against enemies that have been impaled on Nezha’s Divine Spear.
  • Fixed Ivara’s Dashwire Arrow allowing players to escape underwater with Archwing, getting stuck outside of water on the Grineer Underwater Sealab Tileset.
  • Fixed the Sniper rifle combo multiplier not working properly on the Lanka.
  • Fixed Quanta cubes being explodable twice for Hosts.
  • Fixed the Buzlok’s projectiles not properly homing in to hit enemies.
  • Fixed the Infested Quanta’s audio FX not playing properly.
  • Fixed the 50 R5 Fusion Core Sortie Reward displaying as having given 25 in the EoM screen, even though it has actually provided 50.
  • Fixed the Glaive Prime not properly displaying the Day of the Dead skin.
  • Fixed Loki’s Knave Skin not having the proper offset for thrown weapons.
  • Fixed issues with Saryn's Model clipping with a variety of attachments.
  • Fixed the Spira’s holsters not having the proper positioning on some Warframes.
  • Fixed a hole in the terrain that allowed players to exit the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset.



All these fixes and you still haven't addressed that there's a visual bug on vectis prime and soma prime when you apply a skin to them.

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Still no fix for Despair's positioning, Daikyu's quiver positioning; missing glowmaps on Aksomati;  Issues with Valkyr being stuck and unable to do anything but move around; Nezha's Noble idle animation holding single pistol weapons incorrectly and various Syandanas positioned wrongly on various warframes.

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Daikuy YES Despair YES ohhhh good good YES FINALLY YOU DED IT



Still no fix for:


nunchaku type blocking pose (floating stick) and quick melee (1st hit delay)


....and i think Grakata still use IGNIS reloading animation. Yep it does.

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I'm pretty confused about the whole "shockingly" pun used in the other thread in regards to the new tenno reinforcement. This new weapon uses Radiation damage... 


Puns in red text that also make a point about static... and all that name and puns and it's a radiation weapon? Not that we really needed more electricity weapons, but that was a little silly lol. All the missed chances for radiation themed puns. ; P 

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