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Hotfix 18.4.7


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STILL No focus changes ?  when is this going to Happen ?



I'm wondering about this as well. I understand that some fixes may take time, but not only did Steve already confirmed this on Twitter a while back, it's a glaring issue for the Focus system and, arguably, what Warframe stands for (it discourage team play and encourage insta-kill/killsteal gameplay even more to get affinity for a single person).

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Why not make the Daikyu's functions just like the other bows.. not just the charge shot only, i mean, even the other functions like semi auto type firing also..


I dont mind the "shoot within 5 seconds of the charge, else shot is cancelled automatically" rule.. but Daikyu doesnt seem fun if i have to charge shot everytime.. we already have lanka for that..


I'd really like for Daikyu's functions to be exactly like other bows.. because it look very well designed and i dont like the way it functions.. seems like a well made Hunter's bow but turned out to be just mastery fodder to me... Please make it function like rest of the bows.. Its designed too beautifully to just sit in my inventory and not be able to use well like other bows..



Also, is there any news about dread getting a pimped out skin... cause shadow stalker got all new weapons and armor.. isn't it tome we get a dread skin that suits the shadow stalker's evil appearance... just saying..



Apart from what i had in mind for the already existing stuff, I'd also like to say thank you for fixes..


Thank you DE

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Does anyone know by what "Clam & Frenzy" and "Duality" are effected by? Few aug mods are affected by either strength or duration mods, whats here? Duration and range for C&F? Strength for Duality?



More info would be great, DE.

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Tenno Reinforcements

New Augments

  • Atlas Augment - Rumblers - Titanic Rumbler: Create a single rumbler with increased stats that taunts nearby enemies into attacking it.
  • Equinox Augment - Metamorphosis - Duality: Equinox's other half breaks free, dealing a percentage of weapon damage.
  • Equinox Augment - Pacify & Provoke - Peaceful Provocation: Pacify converts damage done to allies into an enemy slowing aura. Provoke converts damage done to enemies into extra Power Strength.
First I want to thank DEs for all this new stuff and fixes.

Second I really like these augments,especially the Titanic Rumbler one because Atlas ROCKS!

But an increase of time is needed for Duality augment which is really low at the moment.

Looking forward for the update 18.5

(Banshee's skin *-*)

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First of all, thanks for the new stuff and all the fixes. However...


Still no fix for emblems clipping through shoulder plates. This is mostly an issue with the emblems from the raids. They sit wrong on many of the shoulder plates and clip through a lot of them, including the Porta shoulder plates. Please fix this DE, they look so cool but I find myself picking shoulder plates that emblems don't clip through. This has been an issue for a long time and I'm really surprised it hasn't been fixed yet.


Another couple things. I just did a syndicate mission last night where it only spawned 2 medallions. There was a patch a LONG time ago that stated you had changed these missions to ALWAYS spawn 8, and this has been the case since then, until last night. please double check your algorithm for this and make sure that all 8 spawn because this is extremely annoying to see.


Also, can you look at Wukong's range with his 4th ability? I have extra range on him, but when I attack I have to be practically touching the object/enemy in order to land a hit. He has a staff for heaven's sake, it shouldn't be this difficult to hit things. I know the staff extends as he attacks, but the initial range should not be this ridiculously small. I really want to like him as a warframe, but this just doesn't make sense. When the model of the staff visually slashes through an enemy but no hit is registered, it really breaks immersion and is quite frustrating.

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