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Corpus Colony Explorafun - Feedback, Suggestion, Glitch Report


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Wall o' text incoming, sowwie. I tend to take a lot of pictures and share them all at once rather than one at a time. Spoilered for convenience. I try to name the tiles where I found the stuff, but I really rely on the designer to recognize his stuff since I am not all knowing. 


Other people can participate if they have feedback on the Corpus Colony, I just happened to start a thread for it because I visited it a lot to farm and felt comfortable sharing my opinion and all the glitches I found. The glitch list isn't exhaustive obviously, I did not ram every wall on purpose (some of them yeah, I confess), so you can report the glitches you find here if you please.


I separate my pic in three category: "TBF" (to be fixed) when it's clearly a bug/glitch, "TBC" (to be considered) when I'm suggesting changing a detail I think could be improved and finally "... !" for random stuff I liked or details I noticed.


General comments on the tile set : I really like the Corpus colony, the snow, the mountains, the futuristic buildings all appeal to me. My single most favorite tile is the one I dubbed "Crevasse River", with the river flowing right into the doors, that must be inconvenient, but heck if the sight isn't gorgeous. 


One thing I like about Corpus is that they are stated to be a big cult, and their ships remind me how my History teacher summarized how churches where built long ago: Big, and with a lot of light. This is exactly what I see with the Corpus as opposed to the Grineers, Corpus have needlessly big rooms and a lot of big windows that let in a lot of light. Maybe I'm insane, but I like to think of Corpus' building/rooms/ships as futuristic churches, big and with a lot of light. Considering the Corpus' background as cultist, I love how well it fits.


Anyhow, let's get those glitches out of the way and make the tile set better, shall we? 


#2 ... !: Container that just wouldn't close.


I'll be honest, it made me chuckle. Nice props.


#3 TBF: Glitched container. (Warehouse)


I don't actually know if it's related to map/level, but I guess I'll report it here. I think the problem is pretty clear here, the best I can describe the tile is "Containers-managing Warehouse". And I mean, the bigass orange containers, not small ones like the one highlighted on the pic.



#6 TBF: Glitched container. (Different warehouse)


I don't remember where I took that pic, sorry. Hopefully the mini map helps you single the tile. Bonus content: You can send the pic to whoever is responsible for Dethcube's attack animation and hit him with a foam scindo until he fixes it.



#8 TBC: Secret room potential for a corner junction tile. 


Nothing much to say, there's a hole you can fall in, it's subtle enough to be missed easily. Just gotta make the floor walkable and stick in some lockers/containers.


#9 TBC: Secret room potential on a sidetrack.


My gamer-senses actually tingled when I saw those perfect platforms, like they were calling me to find some secret stuff. Unfortunately, there is naught, but there could be! Again, sorry, forgot the tile, but that one should be easy to find.


#10 TBC: Secret room potential on a suspicious balcony.


It's reachable actually, if you were wondering. There's just nothing at all, but it could change! Addendum: if there's some spoils added up there, make the climb less vertical and less boring. Without mentioning, the final stretch is tricky because of how you need to do the final wall jump to get on the platform while simultaneously not dropping like a rock before you hit the platform itself.


#12 ... !: Did I actually wallrun on that icicle?! (Also, not even half way done. Sorry for the work I'm giving you Mitch!) 


I did actually. You bystanders can try it next time you get at that extraction tile. I'm not saying Mitch should do a secret room hidden by a parkour of icicles, but I am totally implying.


Post cut in half because too many images. 

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Final half:


#13 TBC: Terrain decoration infected the infested with stupid.


I'm sorry, Mr Mittains (my Dethcube) killed the Charger before I could think to take a picture, but said Charger was trapped running between whatever is sticking out of the floor and the ship above it. Either leave it for hilarity or remove it to avoid an epidemic of "stupid".


#14 TBF: Something popping out of a rock wall.


Please fix my gorgeous Crevasse River tile!


#15 TBF: Ground popping through a broken bridge.



Just before the extraction. It sticks out like a sore thumb if I dare say so myself, shouldn't be hard to spot and correct.


#16 TBF: Glitchy jump platforms.


It's in an open-sky tile, and the rocky platforms definitely helped me reach some loot, so I'm positive this ones are an intended path. I highlighted just one part, but I would triple-check the whole platforms, the final and first ones especially gave me trouble because they would glitch on me while I jump.


#17 TBF: Floating ninja (invisible floor)


Speaks for itself, both side of the entrance to a secret room had that problem. Well, at least I think its a problem, mainly because I didn't think my Trinity could fly. It's on a tile with a ravine and the secret room can be accessed by a suspicious balcony.


#18 ... !: Get to the ship! (Get to the choppa? Get it? No? Okay.)


That ship is on the side of a bridge. Really out of the way, I needed Excal to get there, but I do wonder why it can be walked at all. Anyhow, it has a hitbox problem, I periodically float above it or go through it as the ship moves. (My guts tells me there'll be an invisible wall next time I pass by)



Final thought: Holy S#&$ I wrote essays that were shorter than this. Also, have fun Mitch/designers! Hope this helps! 


EDIT: Removed glitches that has been fixed, hence the jumps in numbers.

Edited by Kinperor
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Oh alright, I singled you out specifically because I thought you worked on most of the tileset, my bad. Anyway, what matters is that the concerned people knows.


If it can cheer you and your colleagues a bit, I am having a harder time breaking most other maps, but I did find some nitpicks.

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I'll see what I can do to help out from an art perspective.
First off I'm very curious if the framedrops still occurs in the CaveHangar area (Huge Interior Docks)? We had a hotfix released today which should help out a lot. It should also fix the missing floor you mentioned.

The contained that never closed was an inside joke from one of our designers after some comments about "Boxguy" not fitting properly in the box during one of our Defence modes =)

"TBF: Glitchy jump platforms"  <- I'm not quite sure where this is.. Could you possibly provide a screenshot that shows more of the environment? Same goes for "TBF: Floating ninja (invisible floor)" Thanks!

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I'll try my luck finding the Cave Hangar (that sounds better than my name), but I had rotten luck finding twice the same tile on purpose. As for the joke, I thought it was great, do sneak in more stuff like that, gives the map more depth than "Tile #3, featuring 'ships'". It's great to see that the designers have some humor.


As for the glitchy platform, I have some pictures from the same area but not looking directly at said place, hopefully it can points you out to the right area.


That pic is taken on top of a container on a platform overlooking the glitchy rock platforms. 



That pic is taken from a bit farther away, you can see most of the area around the platforms. Said rock platforms would be approximately behind Dethcube.


I guess I may as well bring up the problem with my sentinel and frame's texture in that spot. I honestly don't remember much of the details that led to me losing all colors save for energy color, but it involved me trying to wallrun up the branch of that tree. Treerunning is a $#*(@ BTW, if you can fix it it would be cool, but honestly that was a last resort attempt to reach the platform visible in the distance in the first pic, not really anything major. 


As for the "Floating ninja", sorry but I have no other pictures of the tile. If it can help you single it out, the secret room as a door that leads to stairs, but the doors is always locked so you need to pass by the balcony. The tile also have a prominent ravine in the middle, with some sections that needed either wallrunning or a good long jump to skip from across small holes cutting the path circling the main ravine. There's also a tree that is almost horizontal that can be used to cross the final hole and land near the balcony. 




I also bring more reports, yaaay.


#23 TBF: Loot containers spawned in rock.


Said containers are only visible when using loot radar, and are pretty definitely inside the rock. If it isn't, I'm giving back my lootdar and my loot-hunter badge. Said rock is located in the revised defence tile with a river now flowing through the lower part. Rocks are on the side of a ledge with a bridge nearby.



#24 TBF: Floating ninja in an orange container.


Pretty straight forward I think, the tile is the extraction tile (the one where you can use an elevator to get down to the actual extraction point), and the orange container is above the 2 landing pads.

#25 TBF: Disconnected floor and wall.


Again, in the revised Corpus defence map with a river flowing through it. The problem here is pretty apparent.

#26 TBF/TBC: Rock glitch and lost wallrun.


Again, river defence tile, located under the bridge seen in the previous picture with containers hidden in rock. You can see in the red square a wall that can be glitched into, and the green square highlights a pillar that I used to wallrun on and then land on the bridge behind me. I don't know if the bridge is now too far away from the pillar, but I really liked having that pillar to ninja my way up on the bridge rather than use the stairs made for suckers. I'd appreciate it an awful lot if it could be fixed back to what it used to be. 



I mostly have new stuff based on the revised defence tile as you can see. I also want to point out that the tile now looks gorgeous, great work whoever re-did that tile. 

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Ahh yes both areas are clear to me now, thanks. There's some stuff that we looked into already, but it wont be online until the next update and it'll be hard to double check for you guys with the random tiles.. Still, I'll try to remember and write down a list of fixes here as soon as there's actual results online, incase you like to keep track of things and for my colleagues to know what has been looked into already.

I'm glad to hear you like the revised defence level! I'm quite proud of the work that the art-team did in this environment concidering the short timespan that we had for it. I actually can't wait to do another pass on the rest of the exterior Outpost-tiles after learning so much from working on this level. But that might take some time.. I might try to sneak some stuff in once a while though, just to keep you guys on your toes ;)

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I've lucked out and found the Cave Hangar rather easily. Fortunately, you guys fixed the framerate issue, I don't know what was the problem but I'm glad you could keep the lightning effect. And even more (un)fortunately , I have more reports for you:




#30 TBF: Sunken loot container.

1371314160-props-glitch-sunken-loot-cont            Speaks for itself. Located in Cave Hangar.



#31 TBF: Constructor wall can be glitched through.


1371314159-props-glitch-walk-through-con             I could glitch into the highlighted part. I don't know if it's generalized to all constructors.



That's all for now, keep up the good work! 

Edited by Kinperor
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  • 3 weeks later...

More fun.


#38 TBF: Camera spawn.


1372705579-camera-placement-corpus-colon            It's hard to see, but the camera only have it's lower half sticking out of the ceiling. Problem is clear here



#39 TBF: Weird lighting caused by Amphis.


1372806069-lighting-glitch-amphis-light-1372806063-lighting-glitch-amphis-light-            Normally, rocks aren't purple like that. I think the glow affected the environment in a weird way. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think there is a problem with the light engine or how the light is handled, I have been seeing a LOT of square of lights everywhere, and you can actually see one on the second pic: The yellow square shows a rock that is perfectly split in half by the edge of a light square.


Go talk with the guys who handle lighting, there's a problem and it's generalized. I'll withdraw the shots I have of such phenomenon unless you guys think it would help you investigate. Because really, at this point every tile set I've visited had that problem in some form or another.



#40 TBF: Random prompt out of nowhere.


1372806066-objective-glitch-prompt-corpu            Speaks for itself I believe. There is a prompt for no reason floating in the middle of a room.


Perspective shot:http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/27/1372806095-perspective-objective-glitch-prompt-corpus-colony.jpg



#41 TBF: Clipping props.


1372806089-props-glitch-clipping-props-c            I dunno what those are called, but they can be walked though. I also derped and took a picture where my Loki's horn where hiding half the object in question. Equivalent of a finger in front of the camera I guess. At any rate, the yellow square highlights a identical post that is on it's side.

Edited by Kinperor
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Aaaaaaaaaaaand even more fun.



#46 TBC: Teleport-free pit and head clipping.


1372806094-terrain-design-teleport-free-            Dunno, the pit is fairly shallow, so you can just leave it like that I guess, but it doesn't have much to see at any rate. On the same tile:


1372806116-terrain-glitch-head-clipping-                         Head-clipping ensue when running into the highlighted part.



#47 TBF: Wallrun-less wall.


1372806105-terrain-design-messed-up-wall            I couldn't wallrun up this column at all. It would be great if the platform above (with containers goodies) could be reached that way (in addition to the other ways). At any rate, the space between the column and the handrail can be walked on, so the lower part of the red rectangle has a problem of floating ninja.



#49 TBF: Clipping rock. (yet another tile)


1372806104-terrain-glitch-clip-through-r            Disregard the waypoint, the highlighted jutting rock can be walked through.



#51 TBF: Decoy going through the floor.


1372806120-terrain-glitch-decoy-sinking-            About one feet in front of the highlighted decoy, my decoys will start falling through the floor. Dunno what's causing the problem honestly. It's really minor as far as I'm concerned, but on a long friday afternoon someone can work on that.

Edited by Kinperor
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This is what's been found and fixed so far:

#1 TBC: Frame rate drop cause to be removed.

#4 TBF: Glitched props through an orange container.
#5 TBF: Glitched container. (Orokin artifact cave)

#7 TBF: Tree stumps with too little (or too much) hitbox.

#11 ... !: Am I supposed to be here?

#15 TBF: Ground popping through a broken bridge.

#19 TBF: Walk-through ice glitch. (Actually I couldn't repro, so maybe someone else fixed it. If this still happens after a while, I'd love to see what's up in a video/gif)
#20 TBF: Walk-through roof-thingy.
#21 TBF: Walk-through terrain glitch.
#22 TBF: I have no idea what happened to those poor tiles
#23 TBF: Loot containers spawned in rock.
#24 TBF: Floating ninja in an orange container.

#27 TBF: Un-aligned light cone.
#28 TBF: Wall flickering.
#29 TBF: Floating infestation pod.
#30 TBF: Sunken loot container.

#32 TBF: Head-devouring wall.
#33 TBF: Movement hindrance.
#34 TBF: Walk through ice formation.
#35 TBF: Walk through ice formation in River Crevasse.
#36 TBF: Walk through rock ramp.
#37 TBF: Walk through rock wall.

#42 TBF: Clipping rocks.
#43 TBF: Clipping tree.
#44 TBF: Infestation mush appearing on clean levels.
#45 TBF: Walk-over door.

#48 TBF: Clip through rock (in another tile).

#50 TBF: Clip through rock wall.

#52 TBF: Head clipping wall (defense tile).
#53 TBF: Missing texture or weird shadow.

As always, these changes will not show up immediatly for you. It could take a couple weeks, depending on when the company decides to do a full update. I'm mainly posting this for my colleagues to see what's been worked on and to show you that your time and effort in reporting these issues definitly paid off. Thanks again and keep em coming!

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Thanks Ethyr, it's nice to see some updates to let me know I'm not working for naught.  


At any rate, can you tell me if the "square light" bug is being looked into? If it is, I can just forget about it, because right now this stuff is maddening, I see it everywhere.


Also related to the light bugs, if you guys are having trouble replicating any "weird shadows" bug I report, could it be because of my lighting settings? I know I removed some of the bloom that I found aggravating most of the time and other stuff like that. So if that matters, let me know. 

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The coders are aware of the dynamic light issues in the game engine, but as an Artist, their schedule and progress is unknown to me. I'm sure they have plenty of work on their plate, it's in there somewhere :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

More reports:

#55 TBF: Weird hitbox for locker.

1374098957-props-glitch-weird-hitbox-cor There's some kind of invisible hitbox in front of the middle locker, keeping me from lining the wall made by the locker.

#56 TBC: Camera clip.

1374098953-terrain-glitch-camera-clip-co When standing next to the orange container, my camera went right through the container and I could see through it, as opposed to the camera being pushed by the wall. Minor problem really.

#57 TBF: Door going through wall.

1374098964-terrain-glitch-clipping-door- Speaks for itself I believe. The wall probably needs to get fattened.

#59 TBF: Mesh merging.

1374098969-terrain-glitch-mesh-merging-1 There's a giant rock that shouldn't be there clipping through the corner of that room. Same tile as #54, but in another place. No clue what caused it.

#60 TBF: Missing texture (minor). (Fixed?)

1374098969-terrain-glitch-missing-textur Behind that pan of wall, there's a lack of texture and you can see through the wall.

There you go, didn't want you guys to be bored after U9.

Edited by Kinperor
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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Ever more reports (minor stuff today):


#62 TBF: Odd lights.


1376618579-light-glitch-odd-light-corpus            As you can see in the red square, there is some odd light on that door, cutting short by place and being just segmented in weird ways. AFAIK those light shouldn't be there. Dunno how to replicate.



#63 TBF: Weird shadows. (Fixed?)


1376618568-light-glitch-weird-shadow-cor            It's hard to see in this shot, but there's a patch of shadows in the highlighted area that is out of place.



#64 TBF: Clipping pillar.


1376618568-terrain-glitch-clipping-pilla            Couldn't replicate successfully 100% of the time, but sometimes when sprint-jumping into the highlighted area from the right makes you clip inside the pillar.



#65 TBF: Clipping shelf. 


1376618570-terrain-glitch-clipping-shelf            Going under the shelf and then walking over the container at the bottom of the highlighted area will make you clip with the shelf above.



#67 TBF: Cat walk to the void.


1376618580-terrain-glitch-transcending-c            I had the misfortune of running fast enough to get under the cat walk as it lowered, and it pushed me in the void (dun dun). Strangely I teleported back instantly, I dunno if I'm the first one to have this issue or something.



#68 TBF: Transparent door.


1376618579-terrain-glitch-transparent-do            Speaks for itself. I dunno how to replicate, but I do know that walking inside the other tile (where the door is located) will make the transparency go away.



Have a good one. 

Edited by Kinperor
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  • 2 weeks later...

#69 TBF: Opaque/white glass/windows



       As stated in another explorafun by Kinperor, it's unknown whether the "white glass" is intentional, but it is affecting all windows and glass surfaces on Grineer, Corpus and Orokin tiles. This is an example of a huge surface where it's applied.

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  • 2 weeks later...

More reports, feast your eyes:


#70 TBF: Odd light. (Fixed?)


1378568825-light-glitch-odd-light-corpus            The ray of blue light seemingly come from nowhere, and there's a blue glow on the rock above it. No idea where it comes from.

#72 TBF: Weird shadow 1. (Fixed?)


1378568809-light-glitch-weird-shadows-1-            Speaks for itself. It's one of the room where you can stop to do some mobile defense too.

#73 TBC: Weird shadow 2. (Fixed?)

1378568813-light-glitch-weird-shadows-2-            Doesn't stand out that much truthfully, but it IS kinda dark compared to what's around.

#74 TBC: Loot estate.

1378568813-loot-estate-corpus-colony.jpg            Similar shelves like these already house containers on the Corpus ship, I don't see why you couldn't spawn some there too. Well, ok, there is already a lot of loot in that tile, but more loot is always better.

#75 TBF: Out of reach loot (Raptor)

1378568819-loot-trap-corpus-colony.jpg            Speaks for itself. The Loki PUG that tagged along in this mission was pretty much a hero.

#76 TBF: Mob infected by "stupid". 

1378568843-mob-trap-corpus-colony.jpg            It's hard to see in a still image, but the highlighted mook has been running against a wall for a while now. It only stopped because my sentinel shot him.

#77 TBF: Lack of collision on a container.

1378568835-props-glitch-collisionless-co            Speaks for itself. We couldn't break it either, as much as we tried. Located on the tower of the defense tile if it wasn't clear.

#80 TBF: Foggy glass. (Fixed?)

1378568839-terrain-glitch-foggy-windows-            Speaks for itself. Located in the same defense map as #77. Actually, most of the windows in that map are opaque now. which is a shame since I remember that they have stuff behind it most of the time, and now it's just some opaque windows. There's also a room with 3 windows that should give a sight outside, but we can't see because, well, they're foggy.

#81 TBF: Head clip. 

1378568851-terrain-glitch-head-clip-corp            Walking into the container's door will make your head clip with it.

#82 TBF: Head clip 1.

1378568854-terrain-glitch-head-clip-1-co            The red square is a spot where you can make your head clip with the diagonal beam, same deal with the wall in the yellow square.


#83 TBF: Wizard mob can pass through rock. (Fixed?)


1378568850-terrain-glitch-wizard-mob-cor            Speaks for itself. I didn't notice if he could shoot through it while kneeling or something.

Have a nice one. 
Edited by Kinperor
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  • 4 weeks later...

I took a look at the reports you guys posted. Whenever it says "Can't repro" it looked like someone else already fixed it in the meantime, though I don't know if its online already.


60 (can't repro)
61 (can't repro)

63 (can't repro)


69 (can't repro)
70 (can't repro)
72 (can't repro)
73 (can't repro)
74 (not a bug)

80 (can't repro)

83 (can't repro)


59 - I can't fix it this way; The rock is actually in a different tile, sticking through the one you took the shot in. I would need to know what that tile is. It's just something to keep in mind next time you find something that looks like it's really not supposed to be in that location; try and locate the tile it could be coming from and also take a shot of that one please.

Thanks guys, much appreciated as always!

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Alright Ethyr, culled the thread based on the list of fix you did. I will try to keep an eye open to see if it's fixed in game or if I can't give you more details, but no promise. 


About 59: I think it's the cave with an Orokin artifact at the bottom that is problematic. You know, the one with a catwalk that pass over a chism with Orokin stuff and lockers. I don't know otherwise, I'll keep an eye open for that too. 

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  • 2 months later...

Got a couple of reports. I should really visit the Outpost more often:


#83 TBF: Missing collision box.


1386213003-props-glitch-missing-collisio            One of these stumps have no collision box, forgot which, sowwee.



#84 TBF: Missing collision box on tree.


1386213003-props-glitch-missing-collisio            That tree need a collision optimization, one branch can be walked through (closest one in the pic).



#85 TBF: Infestation mush pad while fighting Corpus.


1386212997-props-glitch-undesireable-mus            I was fighting some Corpus, and noticed this pad there. Not sure if it's intended. Not sure either which tile it is in, it's either the big one with a zipline leading to a treasure room or the hallways leading to the extraction or a random hallway.



#86 TBF: Rock missing collision.


1386213001-terrain-glitch-missing-collis            Highlighted rock can be walked into.



#87 TBF: Column without collision box.


1386213001-terrain-glitch-missing-collis            Highlighted column can be ran or walked into.



#88 TBF: Soil clipping with door frame.


1386213000-terrain-glitch-terrain-clip-c            Speaks for itself. Same tile as #83 (actually, the door is seen from farther away in said reports).

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About 85: Yeah, 100% sure it's an outpost run. 


Is it the tile that you can't find or the patch of mush? 


If it helps, the tile forward of my position is the one seen in 87, and the one behind is the extraction. I don't have the EE.log unfortunately, and I'm not sure if it's a tile by itself or if it's part of either of the other tiles.

Edited by Kinperor
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and I'm not sure if it's a tile by itself or if it's part of either of the other tiles.

That's what's causing me headaches. :S It looks like it would be its own connector tile but we definitely don't have one like that. I assume it is part of a tile that spawns more rarely and so I dopn't recognize it right away. I'll probably find it sooner than later.

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