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Argon Scope Proc Animation Not Activating.

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That swirl of color that used to appear when Argon Scope activated is no longer showing up when I get a headshot. The effect still activates and the timer appears but the visual indication does not. 


I do have a SweetFX configuration installed but I've turned it off and the effect is still gone.  This problem only started recently, I distinctly remember seeing the effect while the Shadow Debt event was still going on.  I do not know if this problem extends to other Event mods, I do not have them all and therefore cannot test. If anyone else has experienced this with Argon Scope or another of the mods feel free to share.

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You like billions of effects ribbon proccing all in short consecutive bursts? Because F*** that.


It's a good visual indicator that doesn't require me to look up in the corner of the screen every 10 or so seconds to see if the effect is still going/running out.  But, to be fair, I haven't used it on any auto-fire weapons, only my Rakta Cernos.


It also gives a nice feeling of "yeah, nailed that long distance headshot!"

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